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    Free Windows CD


    by ali_opto1 ·

    How can i get a free Windows XP or Windows Vista cd……..Can anyone tell me this…..

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      by ali_opto1 ·

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      When your next tooth falls out put it under your pillow…

      by older mycroft ·

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      The CD will be there in the morning when you wake up.

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      The CD IS Free

      by thechas ·

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      The Windows OS CD is free.

      It’s the product key that you have to pay for.

      There are lots of ways to get a free or cheap copy of a Windows CD. There are few if any cheap ways to get a valid working product key.

      If you want / need a free OS, try Linux.


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      Not here!

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      Pass the word to your friends…
      Tech Republic is NOT a source of hacks, cracks, illegal software or passwords.

      [b]now go away![/b]

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      To answer your question

      by w2ktechman ·

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      All you have to do is sign up for MSDN and then you get 10 copies for testing on (no production).
      THAT’S 10 COPIES, not 1, not 2, but 10!!!
      And while you are a it, you get 10 more of XP, Svr03, etc…

      Another thought is to see if MS is gracious enough to let you have a trial version that expires after a few months.

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        However, if you want an illegal copy

        by w2ktechman ·

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        This is not recommended as it is illegal…You have been warned…

        you will need to borrow someones disk, and copy it. start the install with THE CLONED DISK. Now, when it asks for the key, pull out the disk and put shaving cream all over it(the data side), wipe the shaving cream off of the inside tracks (near the hole). Then replace the cd.
        Now point the cd key to the cd drive. The install will recognise that the cd is the correct one, but it cannot read the key, so it continues the install and will ask again for activation.

        Ok, now you ask “why shaving cream”, because it has the proper density for the laser to cause this error. Most substances do not cause this particular error. Shaving cream refracts the light properly that the setup program reads a ‘corrupt’ file.

        Ok, now there is a bit of a mess. remove the cd and get out a can of air. Wipe the cd clean again, using alcohol.
        take some canned air and spray it all around inside he cd drive. The shaving cream will get all over and dry out a clear coat inside. This is easier to manage (trust me).
        Now get out a spray bottle. fill it with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. Make the drive spin again by opening and closing the door. Spray the alcohol (streams not spray) all over the place inside, this will eat up the residue from the Shaving cream.

        When complete, also look over your system. It may have dust and crap, use the spray to clean it off, making sure to get the cpu fan and power supply fan as well. It is much faster if the system is on and warmed up

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      Certainly! In fact, you can get any free Microsoft product HERE!!!

      by absolutely ·

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