Free Wireless internet connecting problems - occassionaly

By b372028 ·
I have been accessing the free wireless net at my local takeout, Hungry Jacks and sometimes I can connect to it okay but other times it doesn't work. I don't understand why it works probably about 3 out of 10 times but the other times it doesn't. I tried asking one of the workers but they had no clue. I posted some images of the network ( if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Could it be

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Free Wireless internet co ...

Because others are on it and it's busy?

There is a limit of available bandwidth and if the place is busy it is likely being exceeded.


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Just a guess

by nekoz In reply to Free Wireless internet co ...

If I had to guess...when it does connect and allow access...the IP and Subnet look much different. The only fix I could offer is to check when it works and assign a number close to the working number next time. A common numbering would be 192.168.2.X. X = some random number assigned by the wireless router.

I would probably try or That way if they have a DHCP range of say 2-50 or 2-99 you would be in the upper range(last to be assigned).

As for Subnet, when you see it work, use that exact number again.

Be sure to switch it back to "Obtain an IP address automatically" when done or it might not work at home.

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more thoughts

by nekoz In reply to Free Wireless internet co ...

DHCP works roughly like this:

Discovery - the client broadcasts a message on the local network segment its connected to, to discover available DHCP servers.

Offer - a suitably configured DHCP server receives a request from a client, and offers it an address from its pool of available addresses.

Request - The client replies to the offer, requesting the address received in the Offer.

Acknowledgement - The server acknowledges the request, marking the address as used in its pool of addresses, and informs the client of how long the address lease is valid for, and any other information needed.

My guess is that the "offer" is, maybe as the other poster stated - busy, or it is just answering incorrectly. I would stick with my first answer, but you may want to use or higher. If it allows that number to be used, it might be outside of the DHCP pool and less likely to get an IP conflict with others.

They most likely have a long lease time for IP's. They get used up and are slow to release for new users.

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Wireless Phones?

by cpguru21 In reply to Free Wireless internet co ...

I go to a pizza joint and noticed a similar issue with their open wifi. I noticed that everytime the attendant was on the phone, no internet. Good ole 2.4.

I understand based on your pictures that sometimes your system is not getting an IP address from the DHCP server (the router more than likely) which will most deffinately cause windows to show no internet. Interference can possibly cause this issue. Or the issue is potentially the router itself (or whatever the DHCP server is).

Do you have a mobile device with wifi (or another laptop, friends etc..) to see if it is your laptop that is the issue? Does a reboot of the machine make any difference? My MacbookPro (running windows7 all times) will sometimes do the same thing, if left on for days at a time. A reboot resolves it.


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by my_bit_bucket In reply to Free Wireless internet co ...

Its me again from the question I am using my friends account to reply to you all. I tried using an iphone but it still won't connect. I tried what you guys said using the IP and subnet when it connects and it worked for a week and then when manually assign the ip and subnet next time it doesn't work. But the ip and subnet was and then next time when I manually assign that it doesn't work anymore. I tried the but that doesn't as well.

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Reponse To Answer

by nekoz In reply to hi

If it worked as, then you should probably try 10.10.10.XXX...something above 99 and hope it:
a) allows use beyond DHCP pool
b) isn't used by another machine (IP conflict).
c) isn't just non-functioning - I had a home router that overheated but looked like it worked.

subnet should be ok.
gateway should be what it was when working, my guess is or if/when it works just make a note of the numbers and change the IP.

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