FreeAgent Desktop 500GB

By tom_housden2k8 ·
I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes:

My client has got two laptops: for this, I will call them Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, and a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB drive.

Both daughters want their uni and college work backed up.

I have created two folders on the drive, one for the backup of Laptop 1 and one for the backup of Laptop 2.

The backup works fine, but I cannot find, even on the Seagate forums and in the documentation, how to choose a specific folder. Some people say the only solution is to set the laptops up as shared, but then I think that's a bit complicated for a my client, who wants to backup on his own.

The drive uses Seagate's Drive Backup software (called FreeAgentCN.exe)

Would it be easier to use an external piece of backup software (for example Roxio Backup?)

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Cracking a peanut with a wrecking ball ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to FreeAgent Desktop 500GB

Any 'Drive Backup' software is just that - a backup of the entire hard drive.

I think this is why you're having trouble making a selective choice within a specific directory.

Why not just COPY each daughter's individual data? After all - that's all they want to backup - not the entirety of both laptops.

Or perhaps I've got it wrong.

In fact, depending on what the Uni work consists of, they could maybe backup their work on an optical disc instead.

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This is because you are using this the wrong way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to FreeAgent Desktop 500GB

For what is required here. Backup Software is just that it backs up everything.

This isn't of much use if a NB gets stolen as it is unlikely to be able to use the Backup to recover data on New hardware.

Instead of using the backup Program you should be saving the Straight Data into the Folders with the Copy & Paste options in the OS's.

Personally I don't ever use supplied software like this as it's unsuitable when the drive is used on more than 1 computer.

You have 2 options here, one is to show the client how to backup their daughters data from the OS using the Copy Commands or tell the client to buy one of these drives per Computer. It's really that simple. You should also make sure that the data is backed up as straight data without any form of Encryption if it is being used as it is possible that when the hardware gets replaced the data will remain unreadable as the Encryption process is different and unusable on a new computer with a different OS. If you can guarantee that a new OS will never be used in a situation like this then you must Backup the Recovery Agent [Encryption Key] as well as the data, but this isn't advisable for a domestic application.


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