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    I just got back from an interview with a small business. Small network of about 8 PC’s and a shared DSL line, two or three printers. Nothing major. The thing is, they really can’t use a full time tech. They want me to add 3 more PC’s to the network, configure the printing, DSL, and load a few applications, etc. Also, they would like to have me design a basic website. The thing is, they want me to write a proposal for estimated time and pricing to complete this. I have never actually written a bid before. They really just want someone to be the outsource individual, when they do need help. Are there any sample bid proposals that can outline how to write something like this. I don’t think they want an hourly rate, I think they want a flat rate of each task they need done. Any templates or advice to e-mail this organization would be appreciated.

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