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By darobey ·
I've been designing websites for myself and friends for a while, now I'm getting requests to do it for small businesses and churches. What is the process to get started? I mean, the people I've designed for usually have their own web page somewhere. I was told that I should contact a local webhosting company and ask them if I can by some space on their server. Will I be able to administer 3 or more sites from that standpoint? Should I have the client register their own domain, subscribe to a web host and then give me their account info? How can I do this seamlessly?


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Resell Hosting...

by design In reply to Freelance Web Designing

Go ahead and resell hosting... to do this go and register with hosting company as a reseller. You will be able to charge your own prices for hosting while getting the accounts at a discount (except for the first one which usually it's a regullar account). Another good thing about being a reseller is that you can claim that you are hosting them on your own servers and sometimes the hosting companies will allow you to label your customers comtrol pannel with your own logo, thus giving your starting company more credibility. You will have to charge your own customers, but that is good as they now have a unified company doing their hosting and design. In your quarterly bills also suggest pages thay should add, maitenance they should have done.. etc.(that way you get to keep them satisfied, and the sites updated).
Then get your friends to host with you as well.

Feel free to e-mail me at design@ciwebstudio.com and I will give you a couple of links to good hosting companies that are easyto work with for beginers.

Happy Holidays,
Cornel Ivanescu
CI Web Design Inc.

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Thanks a bunch!

by darobey In reply to Resell Hosting...

This information looks tom be very beneficial and I thanks you.

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