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    FreeNAS on Microsoft VirtualPC 2007 does not get proper DHCP address.


    by 1bn0 ·

    I have installed VirtualPC 2007 on one of my Desktops. IBM ThinkCenter P4 3.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM.

    I have created and can run concurrently 3 Windows 2000 Virtual Desktops.

    When I boot FreeNAS by capturing the iso, everything seems to work fine except the IP address. I change the networking to use DHCP. That part processes normally.

    When I check the address , it is

    My W2K machines aquire a DHCP addres from the same network as the host pc (XP). 198.205.x.x

    Does anyone know why I am getting this address in FreeNAS instead of a “real” local network address

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