Freeware DVD to WMV Converter or trial version without watermark

By mo_rocca ·
Hey anybody know of a DVD to WMV file conversion program that is freeware or has a trial version that doesnt put a watermark on the converted file? The video i want to convert is about 2 minutes and 15 seconds

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Y'know ...Google really is your friend.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Freeware DVD to WMV Conve ...

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,250,000 for free dvd to wmv converter. (0.30 seconds)

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Google is not your friend

by mo_rocca In reply to Y'know ...Google really i ...

I suggest trying out any of those conversion programs you find on'll be spyware'd and spammed for months and when you actually install the program if you ever get to that point the program will only convert 50 percent of your video or/and leave a fat watermark in the middle of it.

For people who would actually like an answer and not some half-baked attempt at being witty, go to and search for a program called any video converter, the trial version has no limitations.

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That's NOT what you asked for! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Google is not your friend

You asked for a 'free dvd to wmv converter' and that's what I gave you.

If you knew the answer, why ask the question?

THAT was a half-baked attempt at being clever.

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I can't resist asking the obvious question . . . . . . .<sigh>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Google is not your friend

How did you find this program?

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by mo_rocca In reply to I can't resist asking the ...

If you read my first message all the way... you will see that i asked for a free dvd to wmv converter with NO watermark or other limitation, so yes this is what i asked for.

If you review my other post you'll see where I found it.

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BUT - how did you find it ?? Answer please. <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Review
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uh...yeah geesh

by mo_rocca In reply to BUT - how did you find it ...

Go to - search for easy video converter - when I found it I searched for dvd to wmv converter and went through like eight programs with those limitations, before I found it.

At least verifies that the programs you download wont bombard you with spyware like something you would get off google.

Who by the way is still not my friend. :)

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Google is MY friend

by Bizzo In reply to Google is not your friend

Maybe he just doesn't like you! :)

I agree with what you're saying though, it took me ages to find half decent free video conversion. After much searching, this is what I use now and have never had any problems with them.

AVS DVD Player
This plays DVDs and can also take snapshots. It also has a rip option, although I've never tried it, the snapshots though have no watermark, so I'm assuming that neither does the ripped video.

Super (c)
I use this for all my video conversion, although again I've never converted from DVD (.vob file?), it can convert to a vob file so I'm assuming it can convert from one. I have no DVD here to test.

This will record whatever's playing on the screen, including sound, so if all else fails this may help.

A few assumptions there, but hopefully you'll find something that does what you require.

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