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Freeze at initial cycle?

By eab13 ·
I have a HP 1250n
Athlon x2 3800
2gig ram
250 hdd
xfi xtrememusic
ati x1600pro
I had just plugged a printer into my machine to try to get it set up. It just sat there (susposed to be plug and play), so I went looking for a install pack online. While I was doing that the system froze. I let it sit for a couple minutes and it remained unresponsive. I tried alt-ctrl-delete, and nothing happened. I tried a hard shut down and I rebooted. Everthing seemed fine until I reached the XP screen with the scrolling bar. It freezes up every time I get there. I waited a few minutes, and did another hard shut down, and then went into bios. I made sure everything was in order, then I tried again. Same thing. I eventualy ended up doing a clean install of xp through the recovery disks. Same thing keeps happening, even if I try safe mode. Any ideas would be appriciated.
Im guessing a bios problem since the recovery disks worked fine.

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by saihib In reply to Freeze at initial cycle?

What model printer. Unplug the damn thing.

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by robo_dev In reply to Freeze at initial cycle?

1) Unplug the new USB device (sometimes PCs get confused and try to boot from USB devices that are not drives)

2) Reset the BIOS to factory defaults and check the manufacturer web site for bios upgrades

3) Reseat system memory, drive cables, etc.

4) Run diagnostics to check for H/W failures.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Freeze at initial cycle?

I suspect that you may have damaged the USB port, wouldn't be the first time I'd seen it. Although it might be PLUG AND PRAY, most are just that. Try a USB diagnostic to see, unfortunately, test kits are expensive. $99. at the last check, software, loopback cable and adapter. Try again on another port. Some units are best connected with both turned off, then power the printer first then the CPU. Dell used to have the same problem with their parallel ports, but most only had one port. Couldn't connect, disconnect or use a switch without blowing the UART chip. Who ever thought that up needs a swift kick. Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Freeze at initial cycle?

First thing is remove the printer!

Then try again and see if it boots up correctly. Even Plug & Play devices need drivers so what happened to the drivers for this unit?

I would go along with the rest of the answers here and add instead of attempting to play with Windows forever try a Live Linux and change the boot order to A: CD ROM C drive and boot off the CD ROM with a Live Linux on it this will perform a full hardware test and if it loads you know that you don't have any hardware problems.

You can not hurt your existing windows system if you only run off the CD as it loads into RAM and doesn't write anything to the HDD/s so it a perfect Hardware testing utility. You should be able to pickup a Live Linux CD from your local Newsagent as a Cover Disc on any Linux Mag or you can download a copy from here


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