Freeze on boot after restart

By john3610 ·
Alrighty, so I need a little bit of help.

I just built my first computer and am having a slight problem with it.
When I restart the computer it will shut down and start up just fine,
but when it gets to the black screen where there is a WinXP logo and
a blue bar that shows it's loading Windows the computer will just sit
there. No matter how long I wait it will not load into windows. Just
stays stuck on that black screen. It doesn't always do this, but 75%
of the time it freezes at that point. In order to fix it all I have to do is
power down (have to hard restart because the keyboard does not
work) and it starts up just fine. It isn't a big deal, but I would rather
my computer be running with no problems since i paid good money
for the parts. Is it possible that there is some sort of corruption in
Windows XP? Or is it a motherboard issue? Or is it something else
that I'm not even thinking about. Thank you in advance for any help
ya'll can provide.

Here are my specs:
ECS NFORCE4M-A (version 3)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
2 GB Ram (PC5300/5400)
Geforce 7600GT (pci-e 16x, 256MB)
500W Antec Basiq PSU


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safe mode .. login

by ashij In reply to Freeze on boot after rest ...

My Suggestion would be to first login to the Safe Mode (F8 when the computer boots up)
Choose the safe mode with networking option.

If the computer boots up fine, then there's a problem with the hardware. Try removing any new hardware that you installed (Last In First Out)

.. or update the necessary MB and Vid. drivers
Do a disk check if you can login to the safe mode as well.


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Re: safe mode .. login

by john3610 In reply to safe mode .. login

Well, the computer always boots up fine from the start. I can
use the computer and it works great. The time when it
doesn't work is when I restart from Windows. And when it
freezes from that point all I have to do to get it to work again
is to press the reset button on the front of the console. So, I
don't have a problem getting into the computer, it just
annoys me that it won't restart properly.

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same problem with HP dc7600 desktop

by vineet.beri In reply to Re: safe mode .. login

Hi,this problem is quite rampant in my organisation. I use the foll solution: -
l0gin to safe mode and uninstall the display driver.Then reboot the machine removing all USB devices such as keyboard and mouse.

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A question

by nentech In reply to Freeze on boot after rest ...

Did you install windows on the new hardware or are you trying to run an old windows set-up on the new hardware?

If it is an old windows set-up you will need to start the windows XP setup from the CD


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Re: a question

by john3610 In reply to A question

Originally when I put the computer together the old hard
drive had windows already installed on it and I made a
new installation on the new hard drive.. but that caused a
lot of problems because the computer tried to boot from
the second hard drive. Now I have windows installed on
the hard drive I'm currently using and the old hard drive is
just in the computer for backup purposes. But at one
time I did have Windows from two different systems (the
new one and the old one) running on the two seperate
hard drives in this computer.

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dual boot?

by ashij In reply to Re: a question

Just a shot in the dark John, but try putting a dual boot entry in the boot.ini file
This way you can rule out the possibility of the two partitions trying to fight for the priority.
boot.ini is located as a system file (hidden) under C

In case you don't need the second hard drive for booting, you can always format it..

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You need to run the windows set-up

by nentech In reply to Re: a question

Windows needs the drivers for the new motherboard to load

Change the order of the hard drives so the windows drive is the first (boot)

On Ide (the wide flat cable) there are master and slave jumpers
Set the boot drive to master set the other drive to slave
Or set them both to cable select and put the master on the end of the cable and the slave in the middle
If you use only one drive it must go on the end and middle connector is not used

On Sata (Skinny cable) just move the cable to the first port

If your drives are Ide and Sata (one of each type) then you need to change the start-up (Boot) order in the bios set-up

You need to know this
You may need to re activate windows

If you need to call Microsoft just tell them that you had the computer repaired and now you need to activate it
Or something simple like that

Don?t go in to detail it will confuse the person you are talking to
They may then decided you need technical support
When all you want to do is activate windows

Please don?t tell me how you got windows
Or that the one you have does not need to be activated (I don?t want to know, Microsoft will)

Hope this helps

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I agree

by jayson.allen In reply to Freeze on boot after rest ...

sounds like your computer doesn't know which version of Windows XP to load (from C: or ) and when you moved the drives around, it got confused. I would recommend using the second drive in an external drive enclosure ($20 for one off ebay or most places on the web) or log into the machine and delete all the system files from the old hard drive (boot.ini, ntldr, etc, and rename the Windows/Program Files/Documents and Settings folders) and see what happens. Sounds like it's booting off c: but using the windows folder from or something like that, and they might be different service packs, or drivers, or whatever and it's locking up looking for things that no longer exist.
I tell everyone who wants to rebuild a machine "Use BartPe, log into the machine and move all the folders to a BACKUP folder, reboot and do a fresh install of XP" It's the simplest, fastest, and cleanest way to reload XP and saves all your old data.

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Trouble Shoot Your Startup

by jimj In reply to I agree

First thing to do is hook up only the new hard drive (the one you installed WinXP on), and see if the computer hangs on boot up. If it does, then format the new drive and reload a fresh copy of Windows XP. Don't hook up the old drive until you have loaded all the motherboard drivers and Windows updates that you are going to use. Assuming the computer boots up fine, then hook up the second older drive. As long as the BIOS is setup to boot to the new drive, you shouldn't have any problems booting with the second drive (unless it has a virus or a different problem on it.)

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re: trouble shoot your startup

by john3610 In reply to Trouble Shoot Your Startu ...

Thank you all for so much response!

The second drive originally had an old version of XP on it,
but now it is a blank drive. I only use it for storing files
(Music and such). I only have Windows installed now on
my primary SATA drive. The backup IDE drive does not
have anything installed on it. Do ya'll still think the
probem might be in the Windows XP I have on my SATA
and that I should reinstall XP and see if there was some
sort of problem from before?

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