freezing during initial boot

By IT2MD ·
Hi Guys...

I have an older compaq desktop running Windows XP. I haven't been able to get it to launch windows in the last week. I turn it on and then it just reaches a point where it freezes. I have been able to start in safe mode; but when I try to restart it normally it does the same thing and freezes.

Any suggestions on how to get it complete the StartUp process?


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OK it's starting in Safe Mode

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to freezing during initial b ...

So there has to be something causing it to fall over when you try to start normally. What changes where made just before it stopped working?

Also have you checked the inside of the Tower and made sure that it's not full of Crud causing the thing to get too hot?


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Could be time for a good cleaning,

and while you have the case open, check all the RAM chips, any peripheral cards,
and all cables, make sure they are making good connection. Then as Col says
make sure it's clean, no dust-bunnies etc., reassemble and power on. If any "new"
drivers such as video or some such were installed prior to "freezing",might try rolling
back driver to previous.

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a couple of things to try.

by databaseben In reply to freezing during initial b ...

the first thing i would execute is a check disk, to ensure the master file table and file system are not corrupt.

the next thing is to execute a clean boot.

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by Seotop In reply to freezing during initial b ...

It may be problems with your Hard Drive or registry overtrashed... Check this issues.

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One of the biggest questions NOT asked...

by gkiefferjfk2 In reply to freezing during initial b ...

Does it start up in SAFE MODE ONLY or does it also start up in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORK SUPPORT?

Some older computers would hang at the NETWORK CONNECT part because as you say it is an older XP computer and if it's trying to connect & there is nothing to connect to... [no modem OR no more service site to connect to] THEN the connect part would just hang there trying to connect...

IF it does happen to be a connect problem then the AUTOEXEC.BAT file OR maybe the CONFIG.SYS file might have to be edited a little [YES... XP does use autoexec.bat & a config.sys files]...

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Reponse To Answer

by IT2MD In reply to One of the biggest questi ...

...interesting you should ask that...Yesterday I decided to see if it would start up in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORK SUPPORT...and what do you know...It Didn't!...SO...this weekend I am going to work on the other suggestions posted above...if they don't work, well...I'll be back! ...

also check out my general reply/update on something else I tried.

thanks for responding btw.

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by IT2MD In reply to freezing during initial b ...

Wow! Thanks for the replies and all the suggestions...I am definately going to try them this weekend but I wanted to give you an update on what I tried on Wed.

As you can read in my response to ^gkiefferjfk ^...the PC will not start in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORK SUPPORT. while I was working on other stuff, I started in SAFE MODE thinking I would do disk cleanup, disk check, defrag...things like that and when I went to the SYSTEM TOOLS folder I was reminded of SYSTEM I tried about 4 or 5 different RESTORE POINTS in May and none of them I said above, this weekend I'll try the suggestions here and I'll get back with you. ...[hmmm, just realized I don't think I started the computer in May - will it create restore points if it's not on? spouse may have turned it on in May, but I don't think I did..-just thinking out loud-]

Thanks for responding.

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