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freezing on - cant get into bios

By debwah ·
My computer running WindowsXP has recently started showing a blue screen. Unfortnately I didn't write down the error message. I had just connected my pc to my hdtv via vga to vga. I thought it was the video card so I readjusted it and the screen went away.

It came back again after another hookup to the tv. I am doing the cloning with a dvi monitor and the vga to the tv.

After blue screen the problem got progressively worse until I have the computer now freezing completely on post. Prior, it was looping windows and I was to enter safe mode to do a restore. The computer then stopped the restore and started rebooting windows. The keyboard stopped responding, and now I'm at the post freeze.

Does this sound like a video card problem or motherboard problem?

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by fungus-among-us In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

Actually, it sounds like a corrupt file problem... that was caused by the video errors.
Have you tried disconnecting the hard drive to see if the system will complete the POST?

Short of reformatting the PC, how about trying Fred Langa's "XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option"

Good Luck

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by Kiltie In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

It is most certainly a driver issue, however your question asked about getting into BIOS, both answers need further info, for the latter it depends on what BIOS you have, remember Google is your friend

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by Kiltie In reply to

The fromt button isn't often an "on/off" button, which might explain why it rebooted when you were reseating the video card.
Use the back button, or unplug from the mains supply to be sure of turning the power off.

Try this link for information on how to get into BIOS

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by mjd420nova In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

If you cannot even get the unit to remain powered long enough to get to POST, then if you hear no beeps, and it does nothing, the power supply is bad. How far does it get after POST and does it change after a long cool down?? The first thing on the display after POST should be video BIOS then CPU or motherboard BIOS, both should show appropriate amounts of memory installed, then a flash of the lights on the keyboard and a beep, then an attempt to boot from the device first on the boot sequence list in BIOS. The fact that the successful reboot times got shorter and shorter before reboot or lockup says the power supplly is the first on the list and then the video card, followed by the motherboard.

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by debwah In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

It does count the memory, although I've notice that it doesn't always count memory. Sometimes it just says memory running at dual channel but no count. Other times it does.

The lock-up is on the irq screen. The keyboard lights go on and I hear the customary one beep, but I cannot get the keyboard to respond. Even if it does go to the xp screen, it will then return to the menu of safe mode or start windows normally, etc. I try to select safe mode, the keyboard does not respond with arrows.

Last time I used safe mode and a restore, the computer rebooted in the middle of it and did not finish the restore.

Also, I removed one of the ram sticks and that is when it started freezing at the irq point. I switched out the other and the same thing. Now it won't go past post. Lastly, the computer won't boot using a xp cd or boot floppy.

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by wcp In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

This is most likely HW problem due to the motherboard. Observe motherboard capacitors and see if there?s any bulging or leaking.

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by wcp In reply to

Each capacitor's top and side must be flat and clean. Any slight bulging or leaking means MB gone south.

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by wcp In reply to

Because a lot of HW do not seem working, I?d like to recommend you testing components, one at a time.
To do this you have to have comparable working system. If you do not, it is time to take your computer to a reputable service place.

The components to test are RAM, Video card, P/S, CPU, and MB, in that order for testing convenience.
Install the RAM in the working system and if the system works fine, test the next component. Do not stop until you finish all the components. There could be more than one components failing.
Once you identified the culprit(s), test other components (HD, CD-ROM, FD, and so on). You can then make a decision on whether to replace them or to buy a new system.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

Firstly replace the RAM Stick and try again you need 2 in the right slots or the system has no hope of working correctly.

I would also change the CMOS Battery right now as well as when they go flat you get all sorts of screwy problems occurring that make absolutely no sense till you replace the CMOS Battery and then as if by magic everything works correctly again.

As for the TV problem you most likely have the refresh rate set way too high and will need to drop this down dramatically so that the TV can stand a chance of working properly. As you say you have a DVI and VGA out sockets on the Video Card you'll need to go into the Video Settings and alter the VGA settings start off by reducing them to the minimum rate and then also remember to change the refresh rates in the Advanced Option.


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by debwah In reply to freezing on - cant get in ...

The computer is now back up. I reseated the video card and after a few boots it came back up.

However, when I was removing the card the computer then booted by itself. I was using the front on/off button and not the back switch to completely power off.

Although the computer is back up, it sounds like there is still a problem somewhere.
Can I trust it now?

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