Freezing Problem! can anyone help?

By GedonDArms ·
My Computer Freezes up when i select options "FULLSCREEN"...
Recently i have been having problems with my computer freezing up in the middle of a game. This first started when i was playing pcgame(which the settings is all in low quality and the window is in fullscreen), where in a particular level the game it suddenly froze., i had no choice but to force restart the computer and played again, but the same thing happened when i reached that same level of the game. I thought this may be a problem when installing the game, but when i uninstall and reinstalled the game the same problem occurred., So in the end i uninstalled the game completely from my computer.
I thought i wouldn't encounter that freezing stuff, but wrong again was I, when the same problem occurred when i was playing an Online Game (which was in fullscreen). I checked the net to see if their something their i can learn about. I read that it may be because of the Registry., so i used registry cleaner programs like ScanReg and tuneup regcleaner and tried to play the game again., In a particular duration of time playing the game, freezing still happened.
Now i couldn't play pcgames that needs installation and online games because of my computer freezing problem might happen. I also thought it happens only on games, but big suprise, when i was watching movies on YouTube, when i click the option of Fullscreen, boom! Freeze! this is how it goes:
TODAY (MAY,5,2011)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
(I watched one after the other)
In the Fifth time i watched in youtube in fullscreen, that problem occurred. Force restart, then tried the link again in fullscreen then the same thing happened again.
I tried playing other games that didn't need installation in a small window and i played for hours unend.
I can normally watch youtube without thinking about the computer freezing problem when it isn't in fullscreen.
In short:
Freezing has a high possibility of happening when the setting is in FULLSCREEN.
Can anyone help solve this freezing problem?

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The way I see it...

by RayFoxxe In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

This is probably caused by your video card or graphics control driver. What's the specs for your computer? And what operating system are you running?
I suggest you try to upgrade your RAM first, if that doesn't work, then it really is your video card which is causing this. The registry doesn't have anything to do with this, nor is this caused by a virus, so don't worry about that.

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then you need to turn on the heat.

by Jaqui In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)
Watch in youtube(in Full screen)

there is the problem right there.
it's that bad memory management of flash [ yub tub uses flash ] causing the problem
don't go to yub tub and your system won't freeze up.

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YouTube is not the issue here

by robo_dev In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

You tube needs three things to work properly:

a) a happy browser
b) a happy Java install
c) a happy Flash Install

The most likely issue is your java install is hosed. Goto and click on 'do I have Java?'.. Sometimes you first need to totally uninstall Java and Flash to get it all sorted out.

With respect to full-screen in general, this takes a LOT of processing power and a LOT of video processing power. If the problem is not there first thing in the morning, but occurs after the PC has been on awhile, then most likely the PC video card is overheating. Check your fans and check the internals for dust.

Of course a good old nasty virus will also eat up clock cycles so that full screen video will not work. If this all stopped working after a certain data, use Windows system restore to return the system to the date when all was well.

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Keep it simple

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

No need to upgrade RAM without first testing it. It's always good to update Java and Flash. The #1 cause of issues like this is the driver of your video card and it's easy place to start.

1. Download and install driver sweeper:

2. Download the latest drivers for your video card.

3. Uninstall your current drivers through control panel.

4. Reboot to safe mode and run driver sweeper.

5. Reboot to normal and install the latest drivers.

If this doesn't fix it there is a chance that you have hardware damage due to overheating. Test the memory (many ways to do this). Contact the video card manufacturer and check if you are under warranty.

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Oh and by the way...

by RayFoxxe In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

When you watch your YouTube videos, do you open them on the same window or do you open them all in tabs or another window and leave them on? Because if that's the case, then you will surely lag and hang. On the game hang however, I'm guessing it just lacks the memory needed to run the game. Or perhaps an incompatibility with your system.

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Freezing Problem Part2!

by GedonDArms In reply to Freezing Problem! can any ...

Yow! Thanks for the advices you gave me... i tried them all out but unfortunately it didn't fix the problem...
well i thought about it and maybe it was time to buy new parts (mainly speaking I bought a whole new unit, coz
the old one maybe upgraded but the motherboard was really old).,I still used what can be used from the old one
like the 500GB SATA Hard Drive and the 2GB RAM., The New Unit has a new hard drive, 500GB as well, so in total
i have 2 Hard Drives in my new unit., I bought a new RAM as well, but unfortunately not the same brand as the
old 2gb RAM from the old so for the meantime i stored it.,

So unto the problem,. Here's the speck of my new comp:

Windows 7 Ultimate
32-Bit Operating System
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU
2.00 GB RAM
2 500GB Hard Drive
- 1st Hard Drive have 2 Volumes (C,D)
- 2nd Hard Drive have 3 Volumes (F,G,H)
NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB Video Card

Today i bought a new 2 GB RAM (the same brand) to add to the computer, so that it could have 4GB of RAM in total.
I installed it, turned on the computer, waited the system to boot, and checked if the computer was reading it
properly. Seeing that in the "Properties" in "Computer" displayed 4 GB RAM I continued with my usual activities.
In the middle of a game i was playing (DMC4) the display froze and the sounds repeated the last sound over and
over again. I restarted the computer, and test if it would happen again, And it did, everytime i played.

It immediately occured to me that maybe it was the newly added 2 GB RAM whose in fault of this problem coz the
system never froze when it had only one 2GB RAM., I uninstalled it and turned on the computer. To test if it would
freeze again i played DMC4. It never froze, i just continued playing.

So here's the question:

Why did my Comp froze when it had 4 GB RAM, but when it had 2GB it was totally fine?
Did i forgot to change anything about the Virtual Memory of my Comp?

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