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    FREEZING up…


    by marybar ·

    Could someone please point me in the right direction.
    We recently upgraded our MACs from OS 8.5 to OS 9.0.

    Additionally, Upgraded to Office 2001 for MACs
    And upgraded our server from NT4.0 to 2000 — the server is also our print server.

    Since these changes the people with MACs started out “occassionally” freezing up while printing (usually in Excel or Word but not always).

    It has become more frequent during printing and have started to freeze up when they are NOT in any applicationbut just moving their mouse towards an application.

    Our Non Mac users have experienced some slowness as well. i.e. typing in word or email have to wait for the letters to appear.

    We have upgraded the MAC users memory (virtual and physical). We have also upgraded the servers memory.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for the help!!


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      FREEZING up…

      by marybar ·

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      FREEZING up…

      by mac guru ·

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      Hi Mary,

      In my experience this is a problem with
      the Office 2001 software for MAC. It has a
      glitch that can be repaired by a simple
      setting change. But for the life of me I
      cannot remember the exact fix. All I know
      is that one of the networks I consult for
      had this exact problem and I fixed it by the
      setting change. I had to call MS for the
      esoteric fix. If I can recall the setting I will
      write back.

      One more thing – I would probably not
      keep your Macs at 9.0 due to inherent
      problems with that OS version. I would
      upgrade to 9.0.4 but NOT 9.1. OS 9.1 has
      been a very problematic and unstable OS
      in my experience to where I have gone to
      the pain of reformatting and returning
      customers systems back to 9.0.4. due to
      all of the problems.

      Good Luck, BILL

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      FREEZING up…

      by da4id ·

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      hi mary,

      well i agree with macguru to update to 9.0.4 or and there im not in agree with macguru to 9.1.

      im here in a office with mac – we are using 9.1 since now 2month and it works fine with
      nt4 and now 2kserver on dhcp.

      first of all i would install the latest updates of software on the macs (better you do a clean install on one mac only), then get the office sp1 for macintosh from microsoft and install it.

      i just upgraded 20macs here in my office to 9.1, all the latest updates i could get and they still work fine with the 2k printserver and exchange.

      no slowing down, no freezing – i think its a problem with some old drivers, or apps you r using which are working fine with 8.5 but not with 9.0 or 9.0.4.

      maybe it helps -its just a tip

      good look


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      FREEZING up…

      by marybar ·

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      FREEZING up…

      by marybar ·

      In reply to FREEZING up…

      Thank you to all who tried to help. We ended up taking the MAC out of the print queues and have them printing directly to the printers.

      They are working fine now. Seemed to be a conflict between apple talk and the print queues.

      Thanks again

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