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French Alice box. doesn't forward ports

By icelemon ·
please help me. i am using this french adsl box which is giving me heart attacks setting up the port forwardings. below i am attaching a few screen grabs of the settings ive used for both adsl modem and the ftp server

what does it mean exterior/interior with start-end ports? even after my 'all-in-one' setting still no good. please advice me what to do

this is showing that i am forwarding 'no matter what'.. still not working

this is showing its configuration screens

this one is the ftp server setting screen grab, i set it to listen to port 26. because Alice adsl modem box somehow have used port 21 for "firmware" reasons. thus port 21 is a no-go area

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to French Alice box. doesn't ...

With DSL boxes its safer to keep it simple or KISS I'll leave the last S to your imagination.

First there should be a button on the back that will reset to factory defaults so press this then open the DSL box through the URL address not the provided software and just enter the user name & password and forget everything else. Click on save and exit.

If the ISP provided this then that is all that should be required but if this box was brought over to a different country or brought in from a different source you are going to have to get a copy of the manual that you can read if French isn't your native language and work from there and the ISP own documentation as they can have some funny settings.

You didn't mention if this is just a DSL modem or a router modem as there is a difference if it has a router in it. If there is a router involved update the firmware and hopefully you'll be able to chose an different language option so it is easier for you to get on with but again you'll need the Manual in a language that you can rad and the DSL ISP details so you can set it up correctly.

There are so many different settings that some ISP's use that you'll go mad and be carried off to the funny farm if you do not get their installation requirements before attempting to add another piece of hardware that will work with their system.

Lets know how you get on.


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by icelemon In reply to

thanks, you've always been the #1 helper. this adsl modem have a router built-in, for the time being i can connect to the internet both with rj45 and wifi. but i also like to setup a ftp server behind its firewall. if you know where i should input for this screen please do tell me, my computer is on in its network.

btw the french ISP didn't provide any manual towards the little settings in adsl/router (im in france), only installation booklet on how to setup adsl connection properly.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to French Alice box. doesn't ...

OH great my French is nonexistent but I see what you are getting at "I think :)"

Are the default port settings 21?

Some ISP's use 80 as an option particularly for FTP connections but you'll need to log onto the ISP's web site and see if they give you any help. I recently spent 4 days messing around with a router here and only after I took the time to look at the settings on the original DSL Modem did I find that one out they used Port 80 not Port 21. Just to keep life interesting.

Of course the ISP was next to useless as well and I honestly do not know how the monitor survived without being punched out or at the very least placed gently in a swimming pool while powered up.

But after 4 days of playing with it off and on I eventually got out of Router Hell and almost back to a normal life.

The only suggestions that I can offer you is to go through the manual if you actually have one and it's not one of those supplied as a PDF file on the install CD I find those useless and even worse a waste of time and very frustrating. But at least you are working with a language that you fully understand so you are half way there.

But at the very least install the latest firmware as you'll need it anyway and start off with the default settings and keep saving until it stops working and then at least you have a point of reference. These issues are no fun at all and I'll just do a MS Tech Support here Never heard of that before but if you find an answer please ring me and tell me how you got it working.

I know it's no help but really you have to be there to and have your hands on the box so to speak to work your way through the installation.



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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Just a thought here forget about the WiFI for the time being and work on the router settings and once you have that right you can then start locking down the WiFi connection try the WEP security configuration because it's harder to crack but I really wish you luck on this one as you'll need it.

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by icelemon In reply to

thanks for the help! ive got it thru

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by icelemon In reply to French Alice box. doesn't ...

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