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French, German, Spanish Language Support

By MC_User ·
I need to set up a computer lab at my High School for the Language Arts teachers. They want their students to be able to write and edit MS Word and other office (2003) applications in English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese.
My department has licensed the MS Office MUI pack so that I can do the installation.

Can someone point me towards a set of directions for proper installation. I want the primary language to be English with the user having the ability to switch between languages easily.

I confess to knowing no other language beyond English and a big concern of mine is that I am not sure how to test and verify that the other languages are correctly installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to French, German, Spanish L ...

It's really quite easy.

If you open word and perform a search asking it to [Add Languages The help Wizard will tell you how to add additional language support. If English is your default language it will remain that way and then you'll be able to use different languages as required by switching the Keyboard to the required Language which you would most likely like to write something in VB as a Macro to do.

However what will not happen is a direct translation to English, any select languages will remain in their native format when the work is saved and the next time it is opened it will appear as it was originally written.


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