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Frequent Account Lockouts

By d.jones092 ·

We have a mixed bag on our stuff here (mostly 98 clients, with some 2k Pro SP4 thrown in). We have four Win2k Server SP4 servers, 3 of which participate in AD, with the other being a Terminal Server. About 3 weeks ago I set the Account Lockout Policy for the domain to the standard 3 attempts, etc; About 2 weeks ago I did a walk-around and updated the Win98 machines with a new DWORD in HKLM\Network\Logon called "MustBeValidated", with a default value of 1. For about a week now many people have been getting locked out of their accounts. The strange part is that someone might not even be trying to login, and their accounts get locked. Very strange.

We do also have a Netware 4.2 server in house that is functioning as a data server...wondering if the Service for Netware could be causing this problem. I don't believe it's the Novell server, but I just wanted to mention it.

Also, nobody on a Win2k box is having a problem.

Thanks for any info.

Dennis Jones

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by Greybeard770 In reply to Frequent Account Lockouts

The fun doesnt stop once you login. When clients access network resources they send their login credentials. If those don't match what the server want to see, it's a failed login attempt.
If user names and passwords match on both your Microsoft and NetWare networks you get along ok. Yes, there are security issues there.
I have seen our CIO login to a computer in a training room and leave with the computer still logged in. Then he went back to his office and changed his password. Or course, the training room computer was spewing the old credentials so he got locked out several tiems a day until we found it.
Something to look at on your older (9x) computers it consider deleting the password list files .PWL just to clear out that possibility.

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by d.jones092 In reply to

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by d.jones092 In reply to Frequent Account Lockouts

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