Frequent Loss Network Connectivity within seconds

By mahadar ·
Need experts advice..currently my company network having this loss network connectivity within few seconds in time and its quite frequent in a day. I have called the ISP to check on my lines and its ok thru their test. May I know whats the possibility and how should i do or detect where the problem is. Thanks

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Network glitches

by cs In reply to Frequent Loss Network Con ...

Hi Mahdar,
If your company connection is DSL/Broadband Internet connection expect to have some small outages most days. Typically such connections are shared on a contention basis with 20 other network users/organisations. Electromagnetic Interference on the link between you and the exchange can also cause intermittent failures.

Otherwise if you are talking about some other kind of network link, you will need to tell us more about it and where you think the loss of connectivity takes place.

What it really boils down to is the service level agreement that you have with the ISP. Does it specify 99.999% availability? If it is only 99.5% availability it means that you might expect to have up to 40 hours cumulative outages in a year. (430 secs per day). There are methods of improving the reliability of connections, but there is not enough information to speculate.

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brief of my network setup to scope issues

by mahadar In reply to Network glitches

Hi CS,

Thanks you very much for your reply.
Maybe I should describe briefly of my network setup. Hopefully it might make better understanding and would be able to scope down the problem area.

My company is interconnected via WAN leased line to our other 3 branches whereby my office is the HQ. The internet connection is linked thru ADSL/Broadband and email is outsourced/hosted to another email service provider via leased line.

The HQ setup - 3 NTU Modem linked to other brances, ADSL/Broadband modem, Leased line modem for email link, CISCO Router, Netscreen Firewall and DELL switches and servers runs on win2003 server.

The problem - whenever the network outages occured, my email and internet lost its connections in few seconds and affect the other brances as well. It occured normally during 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 5pm of local time, recently quite frequent randomly.

Hope you have better understanding and vitualised my network setup and might be able to advice me on the problem possibilties. Really thanks and need your advice to solve my issues I've encountered.

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Network Monitor

by cs In reply to brief of my network setup ...

Have you got a network monitoring tool? Such as IPMonitor which you can download from this site.

Which part of your network is it that is losing connectivity? Is it the links to your branches or your ADSL or your email?

Your first set will be to identify the approximate location of the fault. Network monitoring software can help with this, but even a simple software tool such as Ping can help you trace connectivity during an outage. For example during a failure can you ping only internal IP addresses or is it still possible to ping some external addresses.
Once you have statistics on the level and location of failures you can raise them with your suppliers if necessary.

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