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    Frequent User Account Lockout


    by bidemmy ·

    We are running Windows 2003 Server for all our backend servers. Recently, users’ accounts get locked out frequently. Can someone assist with a solution to this problem?

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      by bidemmy ·

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      by unhappyuser ·

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      Have you checked your server logs? Do you have them set up properly so they will show failed logins?

      You could be under attack. Do you have a firewall? If yes, check the logs.

      Your answer is probably in the logs. If all looks well, please reply back and we can go from there.


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        Frequent Account Lockout

        by bidemmy ·

        In reply to Logs

        Everything looks okay but the problem still persists.

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          by wizard-09 ·

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          Can’t be ok if your problem is not resolved :P, 2 reasons why this would be happening.

          1. Your user accounts are under attack, hence the lockout on the accounts.

          2. You users are typing in the wrong passwords.

          Is this for all users on the domain or just some users, what logs did you check and what information did it give, look at the failed log on’s see what time and date it happens at 😉

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      by mehulnpatel ·

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      Check the Services in the Workstations. They may be using their user account for “log on as” for starting services. If these is the case then this is bound to happen, as when the passowrd of the user is changed, then the services still try to logon using the old password which is still there in the Services properties. Change the “Log on as” to local system account in all places. Also the problem can be as mention by the other posters. Check those also.

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