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By KeokeD ·
On random occasions, clicking a choice with
a mouse or even moving the mouse cursor over a location or menu item will lock up one of the computers in our system. It seems to happen
most in Windows Explorer, and in Microsoft
Word, both of which have been reinstalled. Several other mouses (mice?) have been tried, and the mouse software has been reinstalled.
Just before we get started removing, testing
and reinstalling software at random does
anyone have suggestions as to how to proceed?

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by Maevinn In reply to FREQUENTLY LOCKED COMPUTE ...

When you say it happens when the mouse is on location, do you mean the same one each time? In other words--say it happens when you go to File | Save As...Every time? If so, what action is it?

Have you used the same kind of mouse in the replacement trials?

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by w2ktechman In reply to FREQUENTLY LOCKED COMPUTE ...

Sounds like a conflict with the mouse, bad memory, bad MB, or corrupt OS.
If it is a USB mouse, try using a PS2 mouse and see if the problem(s) continue. If not, uninstall/reinstall USB ports and MB drivers.
It may be a video card issue. If you can, try using a different video card.
otherwise, check the memory, or reload the OS. If it still occurs after a reload (try reloading with a different HDD first) then it is a HW problem, if not, it is probably a driver issue

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by IT cowgirl In reply to FREQUENTLY LOCKED COMPUTE ...

It sounds like spyware to me...
Go to webroot and try the free spysweeper trail to see if there are any infections.

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