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Fresh Install, NTFS format, WinXP freezes at black winxp scrn aft copy file

By hwaynos ·
This is a weird situation... and I'm not sure how to get this working.

One of our engineers computers went dead the other day and was unable to get back in to Windows, corruption. They had some bad virri problems too. So I backed it all up and tried to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows on a new SATA drive. It goes through the format and the copying of files, but when it reboots and goes to the black Windows XP screen (similar to the one at the startup) and freezes. So, I tried different drives (IDE & SATA, new&old)... no luck. I tried a different computer with the EXACT same specs, chips, etc. No luck.. it still does the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am able to install any flavor of linux on this machine... but, that is not what these employees require. I need to install Windows XP.

Here are the specs on the machine:

ASUS P4C800-E board 3.2 GHZ Intel
2GB - 80GB (i've tried IDE and SATA drives)
Mouse & Keys (tried different sets of these too)
ATI FGL 9700 (I tried differnt vid cards too)

Any assistance on this would be wonderful... I am lost. The other system that I tried to install on I know works fine because I use it as one of my boxes.

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You need to run some tests but this sounds like a Memory Error to me

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Fresh Install, NTFS forma ...

Get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available here


And run the Mem and CPU tests at the very least. However Windows is far less Memory Tolerant than Nix ever has been so if there is a Timing Issue between the fitted RAM it could be that everything is OK just that the individual RAM Sticks are incompatible.


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Also make sure that the drives are completely wiped of data..

Even new drives come with data on, so the best way is to do a full disk wipe. Disk wipe software here:
Use some of these to wipe the disk and then try and load Windows on again.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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XP SP2 and Prescott CPUs

by TheChas In reply to Fresh Install, NTFS forma ...

I pulled my hair out on this one for several weeks until a vague note in a BIOS update list pointed me in the right direction.

Seams there is a conflict between SP2 and some motherboards with Intel Prescott series Pentium 4 CPUs.

I swapped hardware around for several days trying to figure this out. It took me longer than it should have because I normally run AMD processors and had never ran into this issue before.

Check out these 2 articles and see what you think:



What I did as the BIOS update did not correct the problem, was install XP Gold. Then SP1. I finished up with XP SP3.

The system runs just fine for the user.

Looks like an alternate work-around is to enter BIOS setup and disable the cache.


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