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fresh Win2000 server with 160gig drives

By Borg7of9 ·

Dies anyone have a step by step procedure for installing Windows 2000 server, with 160 gig drives or higher? Its my first time installing with large drives. I have Win2000 server ( w SP4 )

I am installing on a new asus P4V8x-X with 2 x 160 gig maxtor drives.

On first attempt, it only showed me one drive, and only offered me to format in NTFS.

So I then used fdisk, deleted partitions, re-partitioned, and then started the install over again. This time it sees both drives, but will only allow me to format in Fat32. ( I know I can change this later )

However, I am interested in the best method of doing a fresh install.


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by CG IT In reply to fresh Win2000 server with ...

used to be 137 GB limit with W2K. Using 48 bit logical block addresses lets W2K go over that limit. Somewhere there was a hotfix for it. here's an article on large drives over 137 GB that perform slowly which gets into the hotfix/SP that resolves that issue and the registry key mod that turns on 48 bit LBA .;en-us;314695

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by Borg7of9 In reply to fresh Win2000 server with ...

Yes I read that article, however, I was also told that with new motherboards, and win2000 SP4, this is not needed, so somewhat confusing

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by UncleRob In reply to fresh Win2000 server with ...

Take into account that because of the large drive sizes involved, if you plan on running a RAID 1 setup (drive mirroring) you will notice a performance hit. You didn't mention if you're going to be using a raid controller to enable this or if you're going to use a software solution to enable this raid config. If you're going to run 2 x 160gb drives to give you 320gb in total storage space - WOW! That's pretty decent storage. Seems like you found your answer though, even though it doesn't allow you to format in ntfs, you can do this afterwards manually (convert c:/fs:ntfs from the command prompt). How big is your system partition (partition you plan to install the OS on? - maybe your partition sizes are too big, maybe limit the system partition size to 10-20gb and allocate big chunks of drive space for the remaining partitions.) The other poster provided a link to Microsoft concerning the drive space limit, it's a good place to start as well. Let us know how this works out for you.

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by CG IT In reply to fresh Win2000 server with ...

provided that you have the latest service pack your correct. 48 bit LBA is included in that service pack.

best method of a fresh install? depends on how you want your comp setup and what your going to do with it. many partition out their drives. #1 it takes a lot less time for the comp to look through a 40GB partition for what it wants than to look through a 320GB partition. It's also a lot faster to defrag a 40GB partition that it is a 320GB partition. Further, it the O/S ever tanks for whatever reason and you have 1 BIG partition, you'll have to reinstall and you'll have a mad scramble to save what you want. If you partition out and save important stuff on a different partition [applications as well] and have the O/S only on 1 partition, if it tanks well not a real big problem.

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