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Friday Night Music

By maecuff ·
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We haven't had a music thread in a while. Here's my latest earwig..

When you're finished with that, listen to this. Go straight to ****, boys.

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I preferred <updated>

by The Scummy One In reply to Friday Night Music****&search_type=
See you in ****

Another forgotten one that I used to like. Man, I havent heard this song in like 15 years

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My husband and I are watching all kinds of videos tonite

by maecuff In reply to I preferred <updated>

I heard a remake of the old David Essex song "rock on" today. I decided to find the original on youtube. You know what? It didn't need to be remade. It was just fine as it was.

I was 10 when that song was new. And it's still good.

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by The Scummy One In reply to My husband and I are watc ...

listening to a song unheard for a while just seems very good.
But till I decide to install Flash on this system, I am done till Monday.

P.S. -- Thanks for the thread. After your first post, I looked for grim reaper, and that led me to look for black N blue.

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You know

by maecuff In reply to Very cool...

This isn't music that I would normally listen to, but I really enjoyed this.

And once again, I feel my horizon's expanding.

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The wayback machine... edited... <edited again 11p-ish>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You know
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by maecuff In reply to The wayback machine... ...


"Timothy" used to creep me the f*ck out when I was a little kid.

We must be close to the same age..

Just don't tell JD, he'll make fun of you.

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Bets are some of what I dig up and post...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to OMG!!!!!!

will be a 'dead' giveaway!

After tonight I don't care who makes fun of me. What a hoot seeing what I can find. It would be easier if I could post my own mp3's, however...

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