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    Friday Night Music — 5/9/08


    by boxfiddler ·

    Alrighty then. It is 7pmish EST (I think it is anyway).
    [b]The game is afoot![/b]

    1. Almost anything goes here, an occasional verbal exclamation does not rule out a primarily instrumental tune, nor does a good scat. But NO lyrics.
    2. Start each new artist in a new branch by replying to the original post. Title the post with the artist name and song title. All songs by an artist are posted in that artist’s branch. Please search before posting! Further songs by an artist should be posted in that artists branch with only the song title for post title. Genre should be in the post somewhere (guessing at genre is ok as some things could fit in more than 1 genre).
    3. Post songs from as many artists as you like, as many different songs from that artist as you like. Please make sure a particular song by the particular artist hasn?t already been posted. Please search before posting.
    4. Ditto posts (That’s MY favorite too!) are appropriate.
    5. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in Boos, teasing, ridicule, and other, more sordid, consequences. Use your imagination.

    (Thanks to Nick for the rules!)

    Post Title: The Surfaris — ‘Wipeout’
    Post content:
    Genre: rock

    Good spots to hunt your favorite tunes:

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