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Friday Night Off the Wall

By maxwell edison ·
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Okay, I just made it up. But in addition to a FNM, how about a FNOTW?

As an example:

Over the past 50 years of Sitcoms (Situation Comedies), which sitcom character would you most like to ........ shall I say ........ hook up with?

See my answer below.

Okay, let's see where this goes - with both tonight's question and future OTW (off the wall) questions.

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My answer

by maxwell edison In reply to Friday Night Off the Wall

Samantha Stevens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched ? Oh my!

(How could I possibly forsake Mary Ann?)

Males and Females both - don't be shy.

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Second Choice on my List

by BFilmFan In reply to My answer

She was the second choice on my list.

My first choice would be Honey West, as played by Anne Francis, who was in Forbidden Planet.

She made an appearance at an old TV show and movie convention a few years back in LA and I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek when I told her that she was my favorite female detective and without her there would have been no Girl from UNCLE, Get Christie Love, Police Woman, etc.

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Do not so much follow sitcoms

by Michael Jay In reply to Friday Night Off the Wall

But Ginger and MaryAnne are good, I would have to say most of the girls on Star Trek would be better choices.

As a youngster I must say that Lost In Space had me locked in on Marta Kristen and Angela Cartwright.

Interesting that I saw an old Lost In Space episode and thought what was I thinking.

That is the crappiest show ever.

The girls still looked good. Being older myself June Lockhart bested the young ones for sure.

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You and I watched the same shows

by maxwell edison In reply to Do not so much follow sit ...

All that you mentioned were watched by me as well.

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Guess that I

by Michael Jay In reply to You and I watched the sam ...

was 16 or so for Laugh In, and they had some seemingly lovely girls dancing in almost nothing, well for tv at that time, very nice.

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Not sitcom, but still...

by jdclyde In reply to Friday Night Off the Wall

I think the first time I really noticed a woman on TV was Raquel Welch. One Million years BC was on......

The next one that really stands out had to be watching Charlies Angels, Cheryl Ladd in the bikini.... That still works for me....

Then, when I was 9, we no longer had a tv in the house until after I had moved out. Now I almost never watch the silly thing.

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Being that...

by santeewelding In reply to Not sitcom, but still...

This is so much more entertaining.

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For Images like that

by Michael Jay In reply to Not sitcom, but still...

we don't need no stinking tv.

Thanks JD.

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I am shocked

by jdclyde In reply to For Images like that

that no one else had the consideration to provide such links!

We ALWAYS provide links in the friday night playgrounds!

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