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Friday Yuk?

By Oz_Media ·
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I tried the TR Search engine (Friday Yuk), only returned hits from 2007, 2005. tried searching the Friday Yuk tag no avail, then tried Browse>Off Topic and Friday Yuk, most recent I found was Jan 23. Anyway, if the Yuk was posted Friday forgive the duplicate, I looked.

Okay, there was nothing on TV and no interesting movies to grab and watch. So I figured I'd down a copy of Survivor's opening episode! Yeah I know, seriously I am not into this show at all.

But hey you gotta check out the new 'talent'(they don't usually pick uggos) and early on you at least get to see them before they look gaunt and emancipated like they just escaped from Auschwitz.

I'm glad I did though, otherwise I would not have been able to capture and save a great frame of the first woman to get 'picked' to leave. Sorry, its late and my captions aren't so original or witty.

What a way to go down in Survivor history though, not only are you the very first to go but this is your screenshot.

Sorry, Carolina, but you have to watch yourself on national TV (Especially when guys like me are bored and have nothing better to do).

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Yep I know how you feel OZ

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Friday Yuk?

As some nasty Canadian Broke TR again the Topic Headings have no been updating for at least two weeks now and the search function has not been working properly even longer.

We have to teach him how to speel I think you know who I'm talking about here as the Bad Spooling has brok en TR again.

Apparently some Idiot Salesperson told the Web Designers at TR to update the site as Near Enough to looking as if it worked was good enough.

I can't even change TR User Accounts without shutting down the browser deleting the Cookies & Cache then rebooting the computer so I'm not even going to try for this post as it's just painful to contemplate.

Anyway at 10.00 PM on a Sunday Night I'm just knackered and not even capable of laughing let alone posting a jokes but this Thread seems to be getting used if U can Find it of course. :)

NA I can't find it at the moment either. But then again when I opened the Browser to TR I got a 404 at the front page so maybe someone is working on it right now.

But you might try looking under Sleeping Dawg's Posts if they get the updated soon there should be something posted there. Just at the moment it's an old listing.


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Here you go OZ it's posted here and just reappeared

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Friday Yuk?

OH I did get a chuckle out of your photos. :)

It's just that SWMBO has got some idiot Religious Program on and I'm hearing Billy Graham so I'm falling asleep.

Col ]:)

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