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Friday Yuk

By TobiF ·
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One quick question:
Are things like real or staged?

Nothing dangerous, just a blond girl trying to answer a tricky question on geography.
You may have seen it already. Has been around for several years. But it's still hilarious.

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by TobiF In reply to Friday Yuk
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With YouTube it could be either, but

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Friday Yuk

the very sad part is I think it's for real as I've seen that sort of actual behaviour in real life from so many people, especially from the USA and Europe, that it's not funny.

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I once saw...

by Fregeus In reply to Friday Yuk

..two californians, baffled at what they were seeing. They, as I, had just landed in Winnipeg Manitoba, and they expected a different venue once outside the airport.

They said "What, no igloos!?!?!"

Believe it or not.

So this lady, yep, she's probably that dumb.


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And no Polar Bears in downtown Stockholm...

by TobiF In reply to I once saw...

Although a persistent demand from certain tourists have forced some marketeers to create such postcards...

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the annotations are just as funny

by Who Am I Really In reply to Friday Yuk
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It's a game show

by NickNielsen In reply to Friday Yuk

<a href=>Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?</a>

Contestant selection does not appear to be based on either knowledge or intelligence.

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sure she is blonde ,but

by half In reply to Friday Yuk

I think that in a country the size of america ,there is so much going on inside it, even in there own state, Sometimes world events and locations outside are not that really important to them.
I live in a small country and I bet that only a small number would even know where we are. off the top of there head. We have less people than some american citys. But produce a 1/3 of the worlds dairy products.
So you aussies, no more sheepshagger jokes, we have now more cows than people, it official 4.5 million cows 4.2 m people

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by NickNielsen In reply to sure she is blonde ,but

y'all are cow-tippers now?

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cow tipping

by half In reply to So

I know what you mean.My wife is a MI girl.Most kiwi,s would not,
Our cows sleep on the ground, sort of like a dog will with its legs out front ,only cows seem to fold their front legs back at the knee. when they stand they usually use there back legs first and then bring there front legs out and up they go. So cow tipping is a none event.even in a shed or during the day they will rest on the ground.I think your cows dont get down due to cold ground temps. if a cow wont get up it is sick

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They all sleep like that

by NickNielsen In reply to cow tipping

The only time I've seen a cow have trouble getting up is if she was sick or hurt. I think cow-tipping is a joke on city people, kind of like telling them Holsteins give white milk and Guernseys give chocolate. :^0

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