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Friday Yuk

By Shellbot ·
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What the heck guys..there was a time when the friday yuk was posted on thursday by some upstart Aussie trying to beat everyone to it....and now, its lunch in Ireland..and I've no yuk to read.

Tis a sad day indeed...

I'll post a couple in a few minutes....

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I have a really good excuse, Shell .....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Friday Yuk

I was stuck here:

Now, about the re-blinging of the batmobile......


I'll post a few in a tick or three, too!

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my excuse is better

by Jaqui In reply to I have a really good excu ...

I'm actually working on fixing my own laptop.. fixing display connection issue, fixing battery charging system issue, fixing ac power connection issue, fixing damaged usb interface issue.

solving a software problem is much easier than fixing 4 hardware problems

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well darling,

by gadgetgirl In reply to my excuse is better :p

after you've finished yours, you can fix mine!!


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GG lets know how you get on.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to well darling,

I'll be away for about 3 weeks as the Telco has messed up and will not have my new service available till 1 February.

If I had ordered it today I would have it connected 1 February so I don't see what they are up to with 3 weeks lead up.

As for your Problem 2 I've noticed that all the XP Units that I deal with are getting slower recently and this trend seems to have started around the Vista release. Perhaps it's M$ way of forcing a switch to Vista.

Personally a lot of different Open Source Product is looking better and Better now that XP is falling behind what it once used to be.

Instead of getting Jacqui to fix your computer how do you think he would go in helping me move? I'm sick & tired of it and I'm not halfway there yet. We've been throwing everything in to the new place and it will take years to get setup once we move in. :^0

On the up side I'm now telling everyone that I had nothing to do with the kids and that they are the Wifes and I'm not responsible for anything. Today several people have been asking SWMBO how many times she's been married and isn't she so lucky to have found me as I totally understand her. :^0

If only she would listen to them and not insist on correcting their misunderstanding.

Col ]:)

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Course I will ....

by gadgetgirl In reply to GG lets know how you get ...

I thought you'd be real busy with the move, that's why I didn't pm you last night!!

When's the actual move? Col, don't overdo it - remember you may be Wonderman with pc's but not with house moves!

Good luck!


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GG we officially change dwellings Sunday. :^0

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Course I will ....

I think that the wife even believes that this will happen.

Just one more thing on rereading your original post I forgot to add that with modern NB's the CMOS doesn't have a battery it has what is called a Smart Socket which is like a IC socket with a Capacitor included to keep the BIOS Powered when not in use. These can go flat and need recharging. With some new NB's they where never fully charged to start off with so leave the NB plugged in overnight and see if that cures the problem with the Date & Time returning to the New BIOS State.

I'll be on Dial up for the next few weeks after I get that setup and I have a Dial up Account as a Backup so I have a massive 5 hours per month usage. Well it does only cost me $5.50 per month and it's not been used in over 4 years so maybe it should use it a bit more.

Then after the new service 20 MEG per minute is wired into the house I get to setup the WiFi Router as for some reason I don't trust the Telco to actually Secure it at all. Maybe I'm Paranoid though. :^0


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with a 5' span

by The Scummy One In reply to GG we officially change d ...

why does it need to be secured?
Unless you are afraid that someone in the house will use it :0

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Good luck, Col!

by gadgetgirl In reply to GG we officially change d ...

I'll have the prayer mats out and the fingers crossed for you. And if the removal angels land, just remember it was I who sent them.....!


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Laptop ****

by GSG In reply to my excuse is better :p

OK, whoever unleashed the laptop demons from **** step forward right now! You have to put them back. IMMEDIATELY!

I too am having laptop problems at home, and will be spending a good portion of this evening backing up the files I don't want to lose, and then trying to fix my issues. I'm to the point that I think that the poor thing is on it's last gasp and I just need to replace it. Luckily, I can buy one through work at cost (we get steep non-profit discounts), so a new one won't cost me much.

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Best of luck to you, too.

by gadgetgirl In reply to Laptop Hell

If the laptop angels visit, after they've finished with me I'll send them over to you!


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