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Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bunny and a Snake

By lindamarie ·
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I thought you all might enjoy this video. I never expected the ending.

Linda Marie

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That is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bu ...

Thanks for that one! I do never cease to be amazed at the antics of wildlife.

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by maecuff In reply to Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bu ...

I hate having to wait until the end of the day to watch videos!

In the mean time..

25 interesting things that you learn about computers in the movies...
High tech equipment is often driven by a computer with a DOS prompt. (re: RoboCop)

High tech companies don't do offsite backups of the data (re: Terminator 2)

All media devices are readily available - ie If someone hands you a DAT tape with important data on it your PC will have a DAT drive.

No matter what you ask a computer to do it will respond with a percentage complete bargraph - especially when searching for data it can accurately give you the time remaining until it finds that data.

Data searching will always involve displaying all the searched data on the screen until a match is found - this is true of text and graphics such as fingerprints.

Telephone calls can be easily redirected through places all over the world, and upon a tracea globe will be displayed complete with lines travelling between each place.

Deleting of data always takes just a little less time than it takes the bad guys to knock down the door.

Alltechnology is plug and play - every computer can have any piece of technology attached.

High tech graphical interfaces are often driven by hundreds of keystrokes which do not appear anywhere on the screen.

IP addresses automatically supply the feds with the physical address (ie log on and they know where you are!)

Word processors never display a cursor.

You never have to use the spacebar when typing long sentences. Just keep hitting the keys without stopping

All monitors display 2 inch high letters.

High-tech computers, such as those used by NASA, the CIA, or some such governmental institution, have easy-to-understand graphical >interfaces.

Those that don't will have incredibly powerful text-based command shells that can correctly understand and execute commands typed in plain English.

Corollary: You can gain access to any information you want by simply typing "ACCESS ALL OF THE SECRET FILES" on any keyboard.

Likewise, you can infect a computer with a destructive virus by simply typing "UPLOAD VIRUS." Viruses cause temperatures in computers, > >just like they do in humans. After a while, smoke billows out of disk >drives and monitors.

All computers are connected. You can access the information on the villain's desktop computer, even if it's turned off.

Powerful computers beep whenever you press a key or whenever the screen changes. Some computers also slow down the output on the screen so that it doesn't go faster than you can read. The *really* advanced ones also emulate the sound of a dot-matrix printer as the characters come across the screen.

All computer panels have thousands of volts and flash pots just underneath the surface. Malfunctions are indicated by a bright flash, a puff of smoke, a shower of sparks, and an explosion that forces you backward. (See #7, above)

People typing away on a computer will turn it off without saving the data.

A hacker can get into the most sensitive computer in the world before intermission and guess the secret password in two tries.


Complex calculations and loading of huge amounts of data will be accomplished in under three seconds. In the movies, modems transmit data at two gigabytes per second.

When the power plant/missile site/whatever overheats, all the control panels will explode, as will the entire building.

If you display a file on the screen and someone deletes the file, it also disappears from the screen. There are no ways to copy a >backup file -- and there are no undelete utilities.

If a disk has encrypted files, you are automatically asked for a password when you try to access it.

No matter what kind of computer disk it is, it'll be readable by >any system you put it into. All application software is usable by all >computer platforms.

The more high-tech the equipment, the more buttons it has. However, everyone must have been highly trained, because the buttons aren't labelled.

Most computers, no matter how small, have reality-defying three-dimensional, real-time, photo-realistic animated graphics capability.

Laptops, for some strange reason, always seem to have amazing real-time video phone capabilities and the performance of a CRAY-MP.

Whenever a character looks at a VDU, the image is so bright that it projects itself onto his/her face.

Computers never crash during key, high-intensity activities. Humans operating computers never make mistakes under stress.

Programs are fiendishly perfect and never have bugs that slow down users.

Any photograph can have minute details pulled out of it. You can zoom into any picture as far as you want to.

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You should create 'MaeDos'!

by Dr Dij In reply to Bummer..

based on these!

It would take the best features of today's OSes.

Everyone would love the new

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Hillary & Barack

by critch In reply to Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bu ...

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama are in a boat, way out in the middle of a lake.....

The boat suddenly sinks......

Who gets saved ???


The people of the United States

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That reminds me of a joke...

by Dumphrey In reply to Hillary & Barack

A Lawyer, an IRS Agent, and a small bunny are thrown off a tall building... who hits the ground first?

Answer 1:
Who would do that to a bunny?!?!
Answer 2:
Do I care?

Yeah I know its not funny, but 99% of the jokes I know are not funny, and not repeatable here...

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Three people in a boat

by RFink In reply to Hillary & Barack

The Pope, the President of the US and Mayor Richard Daly Sr. are in a boat. It starts to sink. They only have 1 life jacket, who gets it?

The Pope said, "I'm in charge of a billion Cathollics, I should get it."

The President says, "I'm in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth. I should get it."

Richard Daly says, "Let's vote."


Daly wins 3 to 2.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Three people in a boat

The Pope, a Boy Scout, and the Smartest Man in the World are on a plane. Its has engine trouble and starts to crash.
There are only two parachute.
The Pope says, I am old, God will accept me. You two take the parachutes.
"But Father..." starts the Boy Scout.
"Don't Mind IF I Do!" Says the Smartest Man, grabs one of the parachutes, and Jumps.
The Boy Scout tenderly touches the Popes arm and says, well, lets get out of here.
The Pope looks at him and says, "But we have one parachute, you take it and save your self."
The Boy Scout breaks out in a big, evil grin and says, "No worries Your Holiness, the Smartest Man in the World just jumped out with my knapsack."

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I no way in the world

by Tig2 In reply to Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bu ...

Expected to see that!!!

Lindamarie, you post the best videos! Thank you so much for a great laugh!

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Glad you liked it Tig!

by lindamarie In reply to I no way in the world

I don't share anything that does not make me laugh, and it takes a lot to make me laugh!

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OH Goody a Carnivorous Bunny Rabbit

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Friday Yuk: A Bad A$$ Bu ...

I'll have to tell the Grandchild all about this so she doesn't try to eat Bluie SWMBO stuffed Rebit.

Personally I don't think that she believes me when I tell her that Bluie will eat her all up for chewing up Tigger or that SWMBO will kill her if she is caught munching on Bluie. She just continues to stand on the bed and tries to work out a way to get Bluie off the perch that it's on.

Of course the mutt gets her own way on just about everything else so it should be interesting to see who wins this battle of Wills. Jessie or SWMBO Personally I've got my money on Jessie this time as SWMBO can not keep a straight face when admonishing her. :^0

But a Carnivorous Bunny just may be the turning point.

Now I wonder if Jessie will understand the Video which I'll show her the next time that I get woken up with a 25 Foot long tongue licking me awake because the sun has risen.


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