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FRM-30041: Position of item places it off of canvas

By john.a.wills ·
That vulgar extraneous "of" shows that Oracle's programmer was having some kind of bad day. Take the "of" out and we get a falsifiable statement, which I have by arithmetic on co-ordinates and sizes in fact falsified. Does anyone have any idea what this Oracle Forms compiler message actually means?

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try looking at rows other than the first

by john.a.wills In reply to FRM-30041: Position of it ...

It turns out that, English corrected, the message is true, if slightly misleading. The row was, correctly, appearing several times on the canvas, and I was looking only at the effects of the first row. Furthermore, I was looking mainly at the X co-ordinate, whereas it was the Y co-ordinate that had triggered the message - but not the Y co-ordinate in the Properties Palette. I solved the problem, at least for the moment, by increasing the height of the canvas.

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