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    from 100 Mbps to 10 Mbps


    by sherwindennis ·

    i just reformated my harddisk and found out that my network connection was reduced from 100 MBPS TO 10 MBPS. i am currently using win 2000 pro as OS……how this happen? how can i bring it back to 100 MBPS?

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      by paul7410 ·

      In reply to from 100 Mbps to 10 Mbps

      Few things you may want to check:

      1) Do you have the latest drivers for your network card? Go the device manager and determine the card make and model. Go to manufacturers website and donwload driver. If the download is not a setup file – go back into device manager and right click device and choose update driver.

      2) Is NIC in full-duplex mode? Right click on network neighborhood – right click on connection. Choose advanced button and determine if full or half duplex.

      3) Is the pc in the same network it was in prior to format. are other machines on network at 10Mbps?

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      by tazz_nl ·

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      In Windows 2000 Pro go to your Network Connections, get the properties for your Local Area Connection and configure your network card to function at 100 Mbps (Advanced Tab, Link Speed/Duplex Mode).

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      how is pc operating otherwise? why did you reformat hd? how do you know the network connection was reduced. by the balloon info when you float your mouse over icon tray? yes, first thing i would check is nic driver. might not be right one or might have media type configured to 10BaseT by default. how you change it depends on the nic. see mfg website for your model. try double-clicking in device manager, look for advanced tab, something with ‘media type’. usually it is set to autosense, a fine choice for home network. If you see that is currently set to ‘autosense’ then that means not necessarily your pc. maybe kinked cable or you’ve plugged into 10baseT port on the hub/switch (rather than 10/100 port) (ding ding ding ding-bet we have a winner). if using 10baseT, try half duplex, not full. try known good cable in known good 100baset port. if still no joy, i would want to rule out huge traffic due to virus and/or malware…repost if you still haven’t got a hold of it…

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