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From developer to CEO

By bvkavi ·
What is the path involved in this sort of career development?How does one rise up the ladder?This is a genuine doubt i have in mind?Hope to see a response soon.

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One option

by generalist In reply to From developer to CEO

One option is to learn the 'ropes' of the IT world and then start your own company.

It does take a certain amount of initiative and business sense. But it is more of a sure thing than climbing the ladder.

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by tmcclure In reply to From developer to CEO

CEO is pretty high ambition. Not only will you need to be technlogy savy you need good business skills.

Depending on how fast you want it to happen I would look at your education. Do you hold a degree in business or IT? Also look for mentors.
The short path is to start your own company. If you do, surround yourself with smart people.

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by bvkavi In reply to CEO

Yes i know ceo is high ambition.

Short paths-after looking at the dot com boom may not be very promising.

I'm a Engg graduate with 5 years IT experience in various disciplines like teaching,programming,analysis,design.Businessknowledge is on aoverall outlook.

How do i diversify and learn the tricks of the trade?

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by tmcclure In reply to

If your not working at a place that lets you advance find one. Then talk to the executives there and make friends. Find someone intelegent and honest. Soemone you can talk to. Look for a mentor.

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