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From paper invoices to an MSaccess database

By Larry.19t ·
Ok Folks,

I've tried some more with MSaccess and it is the single most unbelievable piece of NON-intuitive garbage I have ever had to deal with. Ever !
I've been in the IT field and database programming area for over 20 years, been retired a few years now. If MSaccess is the latest and greatest, it looks to me like we all have been cheated again by the monopoly called MS that seems to be hiring software designers that are either not human or brain damaged. Homer Simpson?

All I would like it to do is to be able to hire a data entry person to type in a customer's first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, phone and the total sale amount from a paper invoice. With the additional feature of generating a unique customerID # that is auto-incremented and a unique transactionID # that is also auto-incremented and unique. The uniqueness should only apply to that data field. Ie: customerID # 000001 can have transactionID # 000001. But there cannot be customerID#000002 with transactionID#000001.

If the results from a previous post do not prove effective, then it is likely I will not ever be using MSaccess again for any purpose.

After wasting several hours looking for an MSaccess solution, I think I'm going to try booting up in Ubuntu to see if there is something there that behaves in an intelligent fashion.

I wonder, after becoming effective with MSaccess, how someone would do on standard psychological examinations? Would this alter their thinking processes ?

Do all [MSaccess] newbies have the same problems ? Do they, yes, THEY have the same frustrations ? I may be a newbie now, but I may even sooner become a NObie! :-)))
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While I aren't keen on Access myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to From paper invoices to an ...

and avoid it like the plague, I'm failing to see the problem with what you want to do.

Customers Table with an identity field
CustomerTransactions (or Invoices) Table with customerID asa Forengn Key, TransactionID as identity and a sales total et al.

Then look up Master Detail in the help for how to knock up a form to do the data entry....

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