From PIO to uDMA!

By dipankar_diwakar ·
hi all!

my problem might seem elementary but its really making life difficult for me!

i own a pentium d based system with 1 gb ddr2 ram but the whole system comes down to its knees when i access the dvd or cd drives, this is because the transfer mode of my drive is PIO. my dvd drive supports ultra DMA 4 and the combo drive supports ultra DM 5 mode but if i switch over to that then all i get are a bunch of i/o errors! Mostly the system just slows down and everything becomes choppy. If i try to run an auto run cd then i get an error message which says something like ?only a part of ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed??

i have done everything i could have thought of... someone even suggested that i get a 80 conductor cable and i did but the problem remains. i have even formatted my entire system and since then re-installed my OS on a newer, bigger and faster hdd but this issue remains unresolved.

i had earlier messed up another drive trying to resolve the same issue! but when i bought the new
drive the dude i brought it from did some tinkering around and the DVD drive ran as smoothly as i
could have wished! but once i switched the hdd and installed a new OS the old problem is back to
haunt me again... fyi.. long story short, approaching this dude for help is not an option anymore!

Appreciate any help!

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