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By DMambo ·
I'll preface this by stating that I do a good job for my employer because that's how I was brought up, and that's what I believe is the right thing to do. However that sentiment will not stop me from bitchin' about this.

I just finished being evaluated by my boss, who is located across the country. The eval period was for the year 2005 (3 months late), and was the first review I've had since 2002. Also, for the past 2 years, there has been a salary freeze corporate wide.

Following a glowing eval, I asked my boss if he had any feedback from folks in my local plant. He replied that he just never had time to do that, but would consider it for next time. I asked him about the salary increase that I could expect after this excellent review, and he referred me to local HR.

When I approached HR, I was told that the salary increases took effect 1-March, and now that my review was complete, I could expect a retroactive increase in my next check. How much does an exceptional rating merit? A whopping 2%!! I asked the HR manager how much of an increase people with Average ratings would receive, and she told me that all salaried personnel are due 2% increases this year.

Kind of makes those weekend nights when I was trying to minimize system downtime all worth it!

I feel better now. I like my job, and the pay's good for my area, so I'm not leaving. Thanks for listening.

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i know how you feel..

by Shellbot In reply to From the "Why Bother" fil ...

my last job was the same. I worked my @ss off and got a 2% pay rise..when i asked about it, i was told everyone got it..
thats when i stopped putting in the extra effort and put my cv out. but if you like it there, thats cool..its not about the money, its about having to work and liking what you do!

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Won't stop doing extra

by DMambo In reply to i know how you feel..

The way I look at it as much as working for the company, I work for the folks in the plant. I like these people and they're good to me (for the most part - there are some I wouldn't slow down for if they were in the crosswalk). Regardless of how I feel the company treats me, I still need to give these poeple good service. And really this was just one gripe. There are a lot of other aspects of my job and this employer that are good.

Shellbot, how's it going with your daughter?

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going good

by Shellbot In reply to Won't stop doing extra

my realtionship with her and her new home/school life is going good.
relationship with father (in canada)is going from bad to worse. she now refusing to do her summer visit. I not sure what to do. I mean, i took her over there for 2 weeks and he didn't even bother to call her, never mind visit her..and he has yet to send xmas and birthday cards/ saying presents are the be all and end all, but sorry 15 year olds expects presents..even a dvd from amazon would have done the she pretty much wants to sever all contact.
its times like these i want to stick my head in the sand and not deal with stuff..but not an option..
any ideas?
(see, thats what you get for asking!!)

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Nope, no ideas

by DMambo In reply to going good

Your situation is way beyond anything I've had to deal with. I really can't offer anything that would help you. But I will say that this dude is cutting his own throat. A 6 year-old might be able to handle being neglected by a non-custodial parent because she can imagine a bunch of reasons that are probably a long way from reality. But a 15 year-old knows what's going on in the world and can't make the same excuses for him.

All I can tell you is to handle it one day at a time and to try to understand that this will probably affect her behavior at times when you don't really think it would. Keep in mind that in 10-20 years when she's a true adult, she's going to remember that YOU (and your husband) were the ones who were there for her.

Nope, all I can give you are my best wishes. Wish I could do more.

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Don't let it be about the money

by jdclyde In reply to From the "Why Bother" fil ...

If you had got a 7% increase, you would have only been happy about it for the first month anyways.

2% is better than being on the pay freeze you WERE on. I had this for last year, but got 3% instead of 2%.

I do not put in any less time, because I enjoy what I do. I get a lot of freedom in my day, as I generally work on whatever I want to unless there is an emergency.

I do stuff on the off-hours, but then I trade the time out for a different day during the week at my choosing (salary), and I generally can do most of the off-hours work via the VPN from my house. I also am the one to choose when I will do this off-hours project, so it doesn't interfer with my personal plans.

Money is tight, and even though I have done quite a few high profile improvements this year, I still don't expect much of a raise.

They ARE paying for my school, and never dock my time when I leave work an hour early twice a week to get to class. They also lifted the tuition re-embursement cap for me, as it would only cover one semester, for the whole years cap. It was that or I would only go one semester a year and the degree is in networking covering everything we are working on at work NOW.

They still treat me good, and I KNOW business has been slow but picking up. If they aren't making the money, they don't have it to reward the workers. They do make it up to me in the other ways though, as I have said.

Rant on brother. Just don't let it affect your personal standards of the type of person and worker you are.

by the way, how is the music going?

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Rant on is right

by DMambo In reply to Don't let it be about the ...

That's all this was, but I still think it's a crappy way to run a business. There are some professional people here who are not, IMO, carrying their weight day-to-day. There are others who go way beyond. Probably the same everywhere. Certainly it's been that way everywhere I've worked. Still, you gotta wonder how the upper management thinks this is the way to motivate for performance.

As far as the music goes, the boy seems to be doing fine. He likes it and sometimes even practices without being told. Me, I haven't had time to pick the thing up. But it's always in the back of my mind. I did ski about 15-20 times this season, though. :)

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Pulling weight

by jdclyde In reply to Rant on is right

What other people do or do not do is of no concern of mine, provided I am not expected to carry their load was well. That is the only time I would gripe about it.

Tight market, upppers aren't worried about motivating because they know the job market is in their favor right now on not having to offer as much. Between that, and keep in mind all the low cost foreign competition from countries with a lower cost of living and a much weaker currency. The wonderful global market is what is hurting Americans from making a better living.

At least we don't have to worry about the frogs taking our business! Although I wonder how long it will be before they as a country have to start collecting global welfare from productive nations?

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Plateaued at $15 an hour for years now

by Too Old For IT In reply to Don't let it be about the ...

I'm looking forward to daughter graduating from high school so I can move to where they PAY. Or get my own business started, not having to worry about school expenses and so forth.

I told the CEO of the contract firm I'm working through that he either has to bump up the hourly rate or start finding more work downtown or in the south end of the county because I couldn't afford a 50 mile a day round trip for $15 an hour anymore.

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Same here, brother!

by graffixalley In reply to Plateaued at $15 an hour ...

I know the feeling. I drive 90 miles a day for my piddling salary. I am being forced to move to the city because of gasoline prices. I also had to take a pay cut of $8000 per year when I lost my job at (insert $11B telecom fraud company here). Seems like the whole country is rebounding except Columbus! Am I wrong about that?

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only 50 miles?

by jdclyde In reply to Plateaued at $15 an hour ...

try 135 round trip, provided I don't have to go to one of the remote locations, then it is about 350 miles for the day. woo woo! glad my car gets decent mileage (about 28 on the highway) and is very comfortable.

Raises have been slow the last few years, but they have been very good to me in other ways. Tuition Re-embursement is $2500 a year. That is one semester for me. They threw away the cap for me AND let me leave early twice a week to get to class. I need a day off? No problem. Out of Vac days? No problem.

I am pretty lucky. I also work salary. Come into my office, listen to some tunes, and decide what I want to work on. B-)

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