From wired to wireless home network

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I have 3 PCs in a wired network using a Linksys router connected to a DLS modum. It has been running 100% for 3 years. I want to add wireless capabilities to the network and to one of the Pcs.
To this purpose I purchased a Linksys WRT54GS router and a WMP54GS PCI adapter. Before I start I have three questions:

1. Should I load the new wireless router software to the same PC that the old wired router software was loaded to? Does it make any difference?

2. Two PCs run Windows XP Pro SP3 and one runs Vista Ultimate. If the answer to the first questions is no, should I load the new software to the PC running Vista? The PC that will get the wireless PC adapter runs XP Pro.

3. I assume I can load the new router software with the existing network in place and operational anf after installation I will be asked to disconnect the wired router and connect the wireless one. Is this correct?

thank you for any help you can give me.


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Wired still better

by Churdoo In reply to From wired to wireless ho ...

Why are you converting a computer from wired to wireless? Are you moving it to a spot that you can't get a wire to? I'm not trying to second guess your reasons, just making sure you understand that wireless networking is not near the speed or stability of wired, so consider using wired for any stationary computer that you can get a wire to.

More importantly, do you share files and/or printer(s) on your home network or just share the internet access? I don't know if the Linky WRT54GS segregates the Wireless clients from the Wired network, but if you do share resources on your PC's and this functionality stops, that's why.

To answer your questions:
1. It doesn't matter which of the WIRED computers you install the router software to because although I've never used it, the software is just a wizard that asks a bunch of questions, then connects to the router and makes all the settings for you. You really don't need software for the router because the router has a web interface that you can use to configure all of its settings.

2. Again, if you're going to use the software that comes with the router instead of just configuring via the router's browser interface, then install the software on either one of the WIRED computers.

3. Power the new router. Plug the network cable of one of the wired PC's into the new router. Configure the router, either with the software wizard or via the browser interface. Move the internet and the rest of the wired connections to the new router and test, then install and test the wireless card and remove the old router.

Note: when you move your internet connection to the new router, you should reboot the modem, especially if it's a cable modem. If cable modem, make sure you unplug from power AND disconnect it's battery if it has one, before connecting to the new router.

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