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Front Panel Audio Connection for T1840

By eraser3498 ·
I recently had to change the motherboard out of an emachines T1840, now the front panel connection don't match up. I managed to find the left and right audio for the headphone jack (black and red skinny pair) but there is a thinck black wire leftover, also the sound is fairly weak coming out of the fron connection. The mic jack consists of a red thin wire and a black thin wire and a third black thick wire. I'm totally lost on this one any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Front Panel Audio Connect ...

As to the weak sound from the headphones, most likely the cause is a difference between the 2 different motherboards.

The old motherboard would have had a higher output audio stage to provide enough drive for headphones. Most on-board sound outputs are "line level" and usually cannot provide enough power to run headphones. In fact, running headphones from a line level output can damage the output if it was not designed correctly.

Your only option to get the headphone jack working is to install a headphone amplifier. Radio Shack or web sites like www.hosfelt and www.allelectronics.com may have headphone amplifies or at least the parts to build one.
You might also find a module that normally fits in a 5 1/4" drive bay that would have a built in amplifier.

As to the microphone, the thick black wire might be a common ground for the front panel, or a line for microphones that need power to operate.

If you can post a link to a detailed picture of the back side of the front panel jacks, I could offer a better answer.

You're best option may be to get with someone who knows electronics and not just computers. Perhaps the local community college or vocational education center could match you up with a student who needs a project.


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by eraser3498 In reply to

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by eraser3498 In reply to Front Panel Audio Connect ...

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