Front USB does'nt work

By lalit21984 ·

I have front connector for USB port, but whenever i connect any device(such as pen drive or mp3 player)system got stuck or restart. same thing works when i connect from back port.

I am using **5 intel chipset board.

Appreaciate your help!!!!!!!1

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Find USB Drivers

by LarryD4 In reply to Front USB does'nt work

I would reload your USB drivers. If that doesn't work then it might be a short in the USB controller on the board.

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Pull the Connectors off the M'Board from the Front USB Ports

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Front USB does'nt work

And reconnect them as per the Header Pin out in the M'Board Manual.

You description makes it sound as if these Ports are not correctly wired for your M'Board.

Every one of these Header Strips that I have ever seen has 9 Pins with only 8 of these pins being used. The Ninth is used as a Locating Pin to correctly fit the Plug of the Back Connector made by the M'Board Maker. The Front USB Connectors should have 8 single connectors that you have to plug on individually and correctly. If they are not correctly plugged in they will cause this to happen.

There should be 8 Wires 2 X Red, 2 X White, @ X Green and finally 2 X Black.

The plugs on the end of this lead will also be marked with Positive or 5 V DC or VCC, should be the Red Wire and USB 1 or USB 2. It is important to have all the USB 1 on the same side of the Header Strip and all the USB 2 on the other 4 pins. You Can Not mix and Match as you please and have this work.

The White Lead should be the Data + and the Green should be the Data -, the Red is the VCC + and the Black is the Ground or Negative. Sometimes the Red, White and Green Leads are in 1 X 3 Pin Plug and should be laid out Red, White, Green and the black goes on the last connector.

But you need to look at your M'Board and Case to see how they are wired though. Sometimes it is necessary to change where the wires are located in the 3 Pin Plug by removing the individual wires and repositioning them in the Holder. Do Not plug in the wires without Insulation as they will Short out and destroy the M'Board.


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