FrontPage 2002 need help

By hmmmmm! ·
We have a web page that is run using FP2002. Agree such is "old, out of date" etc. We do not want to buy new SW as not that often used. Worked fine until a few months back. That said, issue is:

We can open Front Page, run password,open all folders,edit all folders, cannot hyperlink because no "myweb".
How do we hookup "myweb" to post on to net site. We were told foirefax.msn etc will not now pick up FP 2002. ANY suggestions and fixes.

Please no "buy new SW" as not an option unless you wish to buy it and mail to us.

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No need to buy... (Link added)

by TobiF In reply to FrontPage 2002 need help

Unless you have some very complicated design, there's really no need to BUY new software. There are plenty of decent freeware that will help you out.

I usually write my small html-hacks directly in notepad, since that gives me best control, but I believe you'd prefer something more graphical :)

I'm sure we can get some proposals right here in this thread.

EditAdd: I quickly searched for windows freeware html editors on I found 275 results. Some of them won't fit your needs but several will, I believe.

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Or, stop using myweb, and use (S)FTP or similar.

by seanferd In reply to FrontPage 2002 need help

Whatever the site to which you are uploading allows.

Simply, you need to use a different publishing method, no need to replace FrontPage if you don't want to do so.

But as TobiF mentions, there are loads of other tools with which to do web design. Kompozer is actually pretty nice.

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Thanks for hints

by hmmmmm! In reply to Or, stop using myweb, and ...

Will pass on suggestions, FrontPage not my thing, as I do maintain it, AKA "Cannot even spell FrontPage"..

Will pass on your ideas to lady that handles the site. Thought there were some simple solutions, thanks again.

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If the problem is with uploading...

by TobiF In reply to Thanks for hints

If the problem is with uploading, rather than editing, then this could indicate that the organization, which hosts the webpages, have raised the security and has stopped accepting unencrypted file transfer.

In that case, you need to ask them how to upload files to the server.
(If your version of FrontPage can't do this, you can still EDIT in frontpage, but save the files locally, and then use some other program for the uploading.)

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