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FrontPage Editor problem...

By DS9 ·
Problem in FrontPage 2002 (& 2000).

First, the statistics --- The OS is Windows NT Server 4.0 with sp6a. The machine is a Pionex Server with 256 Megs of Memory, Dual Pentium processors and a 4 disk SCSI Raid 5 array. We are on a Wide Band T1 connection. Application software for web site editing, is Frontpage 2000 & 2002.

I use Frontpage to build and edit my Web Sites. Most of my web sites also use shared borders. Recently, I noticed that when I attempt to "Publish" a Web Site to the machine after editing a page or two, that about half way through the upload, it halts the session with a warning box with the error ---


Please note the preceding DOT and the double extension.!!

I,ve attempted to delete it, but it always returns the next time FrontPage is accessed. It is a hidden file normally, but with "view hidden and system files" activated, it can be located. It appears to reside in either the pages folder OR in the bottom border..??

Normally, I will save the page after each editing session, then try to PUBLISH it to the hosting machine. At first, it appeared that it did no damage. However, I later noticed that any page that relied on FRONTPAGE EXTENSIONS in order to function properly, (such as a forms page) would either not work at all or it would malfunction in some other way. I assume that it is because the upload will feeze and stop with the above mentioned error when it intercepts that file.

Now also, when I start to build a new site, it misteriously appears again when the borders are created. This gives me cause to think it may be hidding in one of FrontPages file..?? Yet, I have removed & re-installed frontpage with NO success.

Anyone with a suggestion, or a solution...?????


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by sgt_shultz In reply to FrontPage Editor problem. ...

could it be a rights issue? can you examine rights and permissions on the folder that holds the file? and the file itself. does the account you login with have full local and domain admin rights for debugging?

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by DS9 In reply to

Administrator permissions with ALL rights total control. Login account is Admistrator on all servers.

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by DS9 In reply to FrontPage Editor problem. ...

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