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FrontPage Run-Time Component Page - Help

By R e p h l e x ·
Help! - I've downloaded a discussion group web template from microsoft.com (FrontPage templates). When correctly installed I wish to host this site on a file and print server (win server 2000) at my work place. I am currently developing the site so it is relevant to my company's industry and hold's the company?s internal data.
That bit going OK, but when I select to post a discussion I get the following errors: (FrontPage Run-Time Component Page

You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly.

This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish this web to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.)

My question is: Can any body help me to get this working on my home machine (win xp pro) or on a win server 2000 platform? If so I would much appreciate some help. Thank you for reading.

R e p l e x

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Need FP extentions installed

by OUfan In reply to FrontPage Run-Time Compon ...

Under Add remove programs there is Windows Componants. When you make a local IIS you also need to look in details and install frontpage 2000 extentions. Same goes for your sever hosted somewhere else. IIS does not come with frontpage extentions installed automatically. If you are hosting it through a company make sure they allow for frontpage. Most run on Linux boxes and don't have knowledge abotu doing FP install. I suggest Brinkster or ipowerweb as some that allow for FP connectivity.

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I would also like to know

by klomderper In reply to FrontPage Run-Time Compon ...

Yeane know what to do about what he said

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Did you get this to work??

by R e p h l e x In reply to I would also like to know

Not me, did as OU fan stated on my xp machine and my 2000 server - still no luck. Does anyone know what the vti_bin file does? my file structure does not have this file. Could that be the problem?

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Bin Files

by OUfan In reply to FrontPage Run-Time Compon ...

The bin file is created when you create a website folder via frontpage. The bin folders keep files for database and configs forms things like that.
The following is for 2K & 2002

Click "Web Settings" on "Tools Menu"
Click the "Advanced" tab.
Now select the "Show documents in hidden directories" option to show or to the hide files in hidden folders.

Check the box to show hidden folders or un-check to disable this function.

Click " OK" to finish.

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