Frontpage web display problems with Firefox

By pboot ·
I am currently building a website in Frontpage 2003. I have previewed my site in IE, Netscape and Firefox. Some of my pages don't display well in Firefox. The tables are shifted far to the right. Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?

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Use standard HTML

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Frontpage web display pro ...

Frontpage often produces non-standard HTML and also uses Microsoft specific extensions. Many people prefer other, more compliant editors or just code by hand using a simple text editor, like Notepad.

Instead of checking the browser type and rendering different code for each browser, standards compliant code should work in all compliant browsers, give or take a couple of browser quirks.

If you want to check the compliance of the code you generated, you can install add-ons to Firefox, HTML Tidy validates the HTML code locally, and the Web Developer extensions uses the service at to validate HTML and CSS.

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Frontpage display problems in Firefox

by rgmyers In reply to Frontpage web display pro ...

I think I have traced my similar problems to use of the "linkbars based on site navigation" web component in Frontpage. These used to work just fine in Firefox, but recently have begun misbehaving. I would appreciate any information about a workaround as these linkbars are tremendously useful on my sites.

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Did you not read the previous post?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Frontpage display problem ...

As previously stated, nearly 2 years ago now in the post above yours, FrontPage does NOT use standards compliant HTML (ie; the code it generates is broken). If you're having a problem with FireFox displaying something differently than what IE does, you can darned well bet that it's something FrontPage has done to the HTML.

You can code your navigation bars by hand, if you know HTML and take the time to learn a few other tricks. If you want fancy navigation bars based on site navigation, there are other options. You probably have not yet taken the opportunity to learn these things because FrontPage has made it too easy for you.

Or, you can upgrade FrontPage 2003 (which is now 6 years old) to Expression Webs, but there's no guarantee that it will be any better than what FrontPage generates.

You had better start thinking seriously along the lines of getting away from using the old FrontPage. Besides the browser problems you're beginning to see more and more of, hosts which have been providing FrontPage Extensions are all beginning to quit providing that service, since Microsoft has dropped support for them. Pretty soon, your FrontPage will no longer function except as anything besides an FTP program and your fancy navigation bars as well as everything else that is unique to FrontPage will cease to exist.

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So the short answer is

by robo_dev In reply to Did you not read the prev ...

that FrontPage exhibits a vacuous quality.

From a code-maintenance perspective, FrontPage makes some really nasty and convoluted code.

Any hacker who goes to view your source will chuckle to himself and judge you to be an easy mark.

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TechGeniuses Help! bulild something user friendly like the old FrontPage

by Deemail In reply to Did you not read the prev ...

A lot of business people do their own webs these days and FrontPage is much easier for them.Perhaps you could put that ant-HTM passion into building an complimentary program to the old FrontPage and be kind and helpful to everyone and maybe make a tidy fortune. A lot of buyers would just adore you for it. htm or html doesnt matter to them. Just convenience and a nice looking site.

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re-Save it with MS Publisher 2003

by ddao In reply to Frontpage web display pro ...

Worked for me and fixed my hyperlink issues!

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