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Frozen Compaq

By Dzus ·
Is it the procesor? or....

I've reloaded and cleaned out the cpu fan that was blocked w/fuzz. Now it just -- after five minutes, will freeze. Is this the cpu that was fried?

plz help .

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Who knows?

by seanferd In reply to Frozen Compaq

First, you will want to post this as a Question, rather than a Discussion. When starting a new thread, you have 2 chances to ensure that it is a Question. *You'll get more technical answers in the Questions forum.*

Try letting us know the model of your Compaq, what operating system, how much RAM.

Let us know what the exact symptoms of "freezing" are - I'd guess that you mean that the screen stays as is, but everything is unresponsive, but that is just a guess.

If you run an OS with an event viewer, is there anything in the logs? Does DrWatson kick in?

Since you seem to think it could be heat related: Does the fan actually run? Do the blades spin freely if you spin them with your finger (system off). Is the system near any other source of heat?

Reloaded - you reinstalled the operating system?

Test your RAM: (free - just follow the appropriate instructions)

Definitely re-post as a question. There are a lot of folks who like to figure these things out, but they tend to hang out on the Questions side. :)

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