Frozen PC

By geoffmitch ·
I have a XPST600r which I have loaded Windows XP onto, on the last update I cannot boot the hard drive at all, I have tried all the F keys to enter setup but no good, all I get is a DELL welcome logo screen and nothing more.
I have tried various discs CD and 31/4 boot discs, XP OS disc, and other discs for PC Fixes but nothing reacts at all.



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This is not a Windows issue

by The Scummy One In reply to Frozen PC

but a HW issue if it will not finish the POST (before Windows boot).

Try disconnecting external devices, and power it back up.
If that fails, try unplugging the HDD, cd drive and re-seating other components inside.
try re-booting.

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Ditto....listen to hear if the hard drive is spinning

by robo_dev In reply to This is not a Windows iss ...

Also listen for normal hard drive reset and initialization sounds. Clicking, clunking, or dead silence are all bad things....

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Ok, back to finish -- sorry

by The Scummy One In reply to This is not a Windows iss ...

I got called into a meeting.

Anyway, with the HDD and CD unplugged, and everything else is plugged in, does it post?
If so, try plugging the cd drive in. Does it post? If so, try plugging the HDD in, does it post? If so, your problem is solved.
If not you have a problem with the jumper settings, HDD, HDD ports, or power supply.

After going through these, please re-post and let us know if this helped, or if the problem continues, and what was tried.

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by geoffmitch In reply to This is not a Windows iss ...

Thanks for the info, I had come to the same conclusion about 1 hour after posting the question and solved it by your solution, unplug everything and start again. It worked so now its a case of up the RAM by at least 512MBs and hope it doesn't happen again
Thank You

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by balge In reply to Frozen PC

lots of Dells use 'Del' key to access setup
Are you saying the PC wont boot from live CD as well?
mm thats an old computer, is it good enough to run XP at all?

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