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Fruitcake like wine, an acquired taste or is it a fad to hate it

By bus66vw ·
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I was taken a back the other day at my thanksgiving dinner. When I offered fruitcake or pie, no one wanted the fruitcake. I made the off color remark "Good that leaves more for me". This brought about a discussion of how much people hate fruitcake. It was a very enlightening discussion. Many days later, I have come to some assumptions and wanderings.

It is time for anti-fruitcake haters club. AFHC (that may already be taken)?

Why do people hold onto fruitcakes for a year or more and them recycle them by giving them out as gifts, particularly if the fruitcake is under par and they would not eat it themselves?

Why do people make fruitcake and give it as gifts if they can't make a good cake in the first place?

If you give a fruitcake for the holidays, does that make you an evil person?

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My mom always made great fruitcake

by JamesRL In reply to Fruitcake like wine, an a ...

She'd make two kinds - one dark,one light, and flavour then with dark spiced rum and white rum.

I have tasted some pretty bad fruit cake, but I always hold out hope for the good stuff.

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Mmmmmm.... Fruit Cake...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Fruitcake like wine, an a ...

I LOVE the stuff. I always get weird looks Have you tried German Stollen? It is excellent!

Also Panettone is great

Fruit Cake has a horrid reputation. If done right it is most excellent!

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by santeewelding In reply to Mmmmmm.... Fruit Cake...

Raised on it (in Massachusetts). Looked forward to it every year.

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Don't know if it's "acquired" a taste

by Stalemate In reply to Fruitcake like wine, an a ...

I've always liked it, but - like eggnog - usually wind up being one of the only family members digging into it.

I did introduce my son to some good fruitcake just last night and he liked it.

My wife and daughter never have issues with Panettone, on the other hand. That's always a crowd pleaser.

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It's all that candied fruit for me.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Fruitcake like wine, an a ...

Gross. Nauseatingly sweet. Blech.

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Yes, its the fruit (if thats what you want to call it)

by AV . In reply to It's all that candied fru ...

I still have unpleasant fruit cake memories from my childhood. Ugly fruitcake with all the gummy pieces of fruit that probably has a half-life. It was like having gummy bears in a not so good, stale cake. Every Christmas we had one of these 10 lb. atrocities. :-&

That used to be a big thing at Christmas when I grew up. Some traditions are best when not carried on.


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The older the better

by Oz_Media In reply to Fruitcake like wine, an a ...

Mum used to make the next year's fruitcake on Boxing day, wrap it all up and store it (not freeze it) for the year, that way the fruit would sorta ferment in the cake over the year.

Christmas pudding too, which was very similar I guesss. have to use that hard as rock icing with the peaks (snow and mountains), true European Christmas cake!

She hasn't bothered since we all grew up and none of her grown children (my brother or sister, not me, I'm not grown yet)have done it yet. I used to get a kick out of chomping into money in the Christmas pudding too! Rivers of custard on a good fruity Christmas pudding, yummers!

Now, if nobody wans to eat theirs, all the more for me of course!

Happy HO HO everyone!!

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"not grown yet"

by santeewelding In reply to The older the better
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OZ you should feed a Fruit Cake

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The older the better

Give it some rum or whatever else it was originally made with once a month. At the 12 month Mark they are just beginning to mature to the stage where you can eat them.

But when they are 3 years old with Marzipan Icing they are delicious and just melt in your mouth.

Of course it's a good idea not to drive for a few weeks after eating some.

No Officer I don't drink but I love Real Fruit Cake.


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Yeah she did that too

by Oz_Media In reply to OZ you should feed a Frui ...

Mum would pull it out every few months and do 'something' to it. I think the reason fruitcake is often the brunt of jokes and never caught on in the US is because they generally make it with candied fruits and it just isn't that same, its more like mush in comparison.

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