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    by blondie b ·

    I work for a company as a system analsyt. I have about 6 years experience in IT. When I started I was given very basic, almost operational things to do to get use to the envrionment and to gain trust, which I acomplished and slowly started doing more. I then started doing support calls and then building a few servers. I also did the task which were secretarial in filling out check lists and spread sheets. A year went by and there were a couple of major projects that came up. I asked my boss if I could work on one of them. He stated that I was not technically there yet and that he did not want me working on this large project. Eventually things started to fall apart at the company with people leaving and my boss had no choice but to let me know the remainder portion of the project because there was no one else to do it. I did it and I did it well. He then later told me that there was not a doubt in his mind that I would not be able to do it. I found this ironic. It frustrates me because even though I feel I have proven myself somewhat, I still don’t get to work on major projects. Instead I get handed the server check lists to do. I have spoken with my boss about this and he says that everyone else does these tasks which I know is not true.

    Right now there is no project work to be had and a lot of the work that I use to do has been handed off to another team to deal with (not because I was incapable). I find that I have literally NOTHING to do daily and feel worthless at work. I have told my bosses this. They give me more admin tasks to do. I am worried about loosing my techie know how. Do you think it is time for a new job?

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      It’s up to you but..

      by dr dij ·

      In reply to frustrated

      I would spend the time I have free on self-improvement. That way if you need a new job will be easier, and typically work related anyway. options I list below are dirt cheap, some free. -if they’re still paying you and it would be inconvenient to get a new job, stay if you want.

      I find interesting webinars (there are hundreds of these, up to two or so several times a week).
      you’ll need a cheap sound card (or built in today’s MB’s and cheap speakers). I actually have a 2nd PC I play it on and can continue working somewhat on 1st pc if I need to.

      Today there was one on data warehousing, with Ralph Kimball, famous author, with hyperion’s product speakers too. ( also tomorrow is one on’s security software. I’m pgmr but this software is slicker-n-baby snot, automates security and router threats …

      I went thru a series of xtal 8.5 (a while back, they’re up to version 11 or so now) and got handed work on developing reports after this.

      I still take a course or two when I have free time. good sources are, you take courses online and pay for a year access. also the major ocmputer society, about $100 per year, gives you access to thomson -netg courses, thousands; and also access to online books plus subset.

      I actually have an account with the latter and read books online there. VoIP crash course, and others am currently reading.

      so If life deals you lemons, make lemonade 🙂

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      Yup…move on.

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to frustrated

      If they can’t trust a System Analyst do be technical, it is time to head on out. Before you leave, try to get certifications and the like as they will help your job search.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to frustrated

      Polish the resume and move on.

      Life is too short to be miserable when you are able to make a change.

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      Misogynist boss?

      by dr dij ·

      In reply to frustrated

      seemed so as you indicated he thought you couldn’t do the tasks.

      Other activities that could be useful to you in learning would be any complicated software packages your company uses: ERP – I spend time figuring out where data is available from many thousands of fields in hundreds of tables so I can figure out file relationships for external reporting tools.

      Also run thru the screens to familiarize myself. In the companies interest? probably. I do it also to learn in case I ever need a new job.

      Cad system? video or other multimedia production system? notes programming? ECM software? data modeling tools? the variety of high end software is staggering, and your company probably uses something that you could learn.

      And one other: learn about the biz. When I first started, my boss told me to go out in the plant, and watch and talk to certain production area workers.

      Result was we modified and enhanced software related to them. Lot of great improvements. I even got a retro-active several months raise, as the owner saw how much better things were working!

      In the end, enlightned self-interest in your own learning is the ticket. And if you’ve got free time at work, do it there, & it won’t impact your off-work time, helping with relationships, etc.

      Good luck!

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