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Frustrated with on-line gaming interruptions!

By wolfticket2003 ·
Hello readers,
Please skip this discussion if you're in a hurry.
I'm naturally long-winded, my issue is rather complex, and I also wish to provide as much relevant info as is possible.
Forgive the monotony, consider yourself warned! :)
I own a ps3, purchased in '09.
I've grown very fond of it, (heavy usage) and will probably upgrade to the new PS-4 in a few months.

Meanwhile, the existing ps3 has it's issues, but I'm not one to breech the casing and try to self-repair anything.

I'm dealing with the following issues currently, and have since discovered over the last 16 months that thousands of others have the same complaints I do.

* The unit has an excessively loud fan, from boot-up to power off, which started being noticeable in it's third year, and that pre-take off, jet-engine whine is present no matter where I place it, and regardless of room temperature.

I've read all sorts of suggestions, from sending it to Sony (yeah-right) to putting the unit in a room with absolutely no other electronic signals, (even more preposterous):
from dis-assembling it and removing the dust particles to replacing the entire hard drive.

In the end, I've done nothing, as history will show in my case at least, that inaction is always the safest course.

Most irritating yes, but at least bearable, while this next issue takes the cake.

I am being continuously kicked out of my on-line co-op gaming sessions (right in the middle of the mission, or the fighting tournament, etc.), with such constant regularity that it's
starting to feel like I'm being attacked, like its being done intentionally, like someone's hacking or sabotaging my game, but why would someone do that?
What would be the point?

Q. Can this 'cyber-attacking' be done by someone other than my isp (ccast)?

Q. Can I legally ask my ISP for a different or new IP address? Would they even consider that?

Q. Or am I simply just not getting enough bandwidth to stay connected?

Q. Can I somehow adjust the network settings on the ps3 to improve my connection quality. When creating a connection, I have no clue as to where to set MTU, or type 1 or 2, etc, so I just stick with the 'easy' option, with automatic configurations enabled. So I'm stuck with the default settings.

The ps3 guide does not elaborate on what these settings do, they assume you either already know or don't care. Chat and phone-based customer service offers one solution universally: unplug, detach, disconnect, wait two min, and then reconnect everything.
(There should be more help for customers of cell phones, pcs, and all other electronic devices made in rhe last twenty years, but that's no longer the case.)

Q. Or are the online gaming servers just vastly insufficient to handle the no-doubt thousands of connection requests coming in per minute?

Q. Should I buy and use one of the new generation of extremely powerful routers? Will doing that actually help me get more speed?

Q. Should l invest in some kind of ps3-specific, security system? Like what, for instance?

My service is supposed to be provided through a high-speed LAN connection, offered to residents like me in bundles, with cable, and voip phone service included.

Anyway, when I perform speed tests, approximated results show upload speeds of between 18-20 mbps, with about 786-k to 2 mbps download speeds.

Are these numbers ideal for gaming, or even average for a cable lan?
Or am I being shortchanged here? What can I do about it, if anything?

(Its sort of like being sold a '4g' phone, and living in a grid where there is no 4g service?)

I do understand that asking 'why' this is happening opens too many doors and points to too many likely culprits, like maybe the gaming network server, or the host isp, or it's the other player's gateway, router, incorrect modem settings, etc, so my question is more about this:

So what can I do on my end to enjoy the best possible online interactive gaming experience, on a consistently reliable basis?

A: Sign up for T-1, T3 dedicated internet service?
(Too costly)

B. Install my own server?
(Wouldn't know where to begin)

C: Hire a pro to set up a VPN?
(Too costly, I'd imagine, and seems like an overkill solution)

Sign up on a month to month plan with a 2nd internet service provider, and use it just for gaming? (Sounds do-able, but not sure the same problem wouldn't just reappear, as most svc providers seem bent on the a-la-cart selling of higher speed packages at ridiculous rates, and continuing the unsuspected rationing of customers' bandwidth at peek traffic times, and not addressing the generic quality of shared access pipes in general.

I read somewhere that the u.s. is
dead last in the world when it comes to providing hi-speed public access networks.

Meanwhile I'm open to any/all practical solutions that might help me reduce signal interference, increase net speed, and somehow enjoy uninterrupted service on wireless and wired technology that's costing me roughly $200.00 a month, and yet failing to deliver miserably.

Thanks all.
Knowledge is power.
Share yours, and make the world a smarter place.


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How old is your router?

by Slayer_ In reply to Frustrated with on-line g ...

The damn things are known to over heat when they get older and cause your connection to drop.
Does this happen if you game on a computer?

You not downloading torrents are you?

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my reply to slayer:

by wolfticket2003 In reply to How old is your router?

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my dilemma as decribed above.
To answer your questions,

1. No, am not D-Lding any torrents.

2. The router is part of c-cast's latest generation of hybrid router/modem integrated at-home service devices, so it is up to date, it's the last upgrade they issued. I changed mine over just a few months ago, from the old Motorola made dinosaur from 2007. I thought doing so would solve the problem- it hasn't.

3. PC gaming is not an option.
A: I hate pc gaming, I'm a console diehard.
B. All of my pcs were disconnected months ago, after being what I consider as 'compromised', or hacked.

Info: The ethernet cord goes directly from the back of the modem/router, (in a dif, room, over 20 ft. Away) down the hall to the living room, and into the PS 3 port.
Q: Is the cord maybe too long, or mabe too old? I replaced it at least two years ago.


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Oh it's wired

by Slayer_ In reply to my reply to slayer:

That's different. Cat5 has a max length of around 100 metres before it stops working. So your well within range.

Do you have anything else that can also be connected to your internet? A phone on wifi, a tablet, a computer?
It's very difficult to troubleshoot network issues without a computer.

But anyways, without a computer available.
How long does the net stay down, are you able to use your PS3 to browse the web immediately after it has gone down, or is it dead for awhile?

Also, when you contact comcast, are they able to tell if your net has been going up and down? It's possible your signal quality is low.
A friend of mine with cable internet repeatedly kept disconnecting because they ran the cable underground without any protection. Basically they took a coax cable and rammed it into the ground and let it rot.

Sorry I can't help further than this. Techrepublic is largely PC oriented.
The PS3 forums at gamefaqs might help you in case it is a ps3 issue.

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