Frustrated with VPN over XP

By csccomp ·
I have the following, server 2003 R2 deployed as a file,print,remote router/vpn and terminal server.On the local LAN everything runs fine and all users have access to neccessary resources,form the wan side i have one remote site that has one win 98 machine and 2 xp machines.98 connects and i can map the servers drives but xp is another story, that connects but i cannot search or map the particular server.Please help i am getting bald by the minute!!!

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How do the sites connect?

by Churdoo In reply to Frustrated with VPN over ...

Are you using the MS VPN client from each of the remote workstations or is the remote site connected to the main site by a router/router VPN?

One of the biggest diffs between W9x networking and XP is that 9x defaults to NETBIOS broadcasts and/or WINS for name resolution whereas XP defaults to DNS

So I'm first wondering if you're trying to map by \\servername\sharename, and if so, can you map using \\serverIP\sharename?

What are the XP machines using for DNS across the VPN?

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vpn woes...

by csccomp In reply to How do the sites connect?

Hi there, Yes the remote site does connect from behind a router/adsl modem combo to the server.I upgraded both the win9X machines to Xp this morning and have now lost my mapping to the server.
This is obvious as you said XP defaults to DNS broadcasts.
Mapping is oh so easy on Win9X :)
I have tried the \\servername\sharename option but it doesn't find the specified server..

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That's easy

by Churdoo In reply to vpn woes...

OK then that's easy.

First, to get you out of a bind, you can map to your server by IP, in other words, if your server's IP at the host site is, you can map the remote XP workstations to \\\sharename.

Next, to fix your problem and get name resolution working via DNS for the XP workstations (so you can map by name again), you can set their DNS to the host server. If they're not joined to the Active Directory of the host server, then you'll also have to set the 'DNS suffix of this connection' in their IP Properties / Advanced / DNS

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Not so easy

by csccomp In reply to That's easy

Ok have tried what you suggested, still no luck.I can connect fine to my other remote 2003 server at another site from these machines.(Map , net use everything works fine) The new 2003 server site sees the 2 new connections but from the workstation themselves the vpn connects and if i try and map all i get is "network path not found" NET USE gives me unavailable p: \\mainserver\pastel07
I know i am missing something simple here , perhaps some security setting on 2003 or on vpn at the client.
I have to mention my server(the one that is giving the problem) is on a dynamic Ip and i am using a dynamic dns service (dyndns)to retain my ip.The other server site is on a static ip so therefore that could explain why i am not experiencing problems with vpn or Remote desktop to it.
Any further ideas on this one?

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DNS? on your local domain server?

by strongwatchman In reply to Not so easy

IS the DNS on your local (problem) server also obtained dynamically?
Are you hosting a local domain? like
If you are, then you need a local DNS server to resolve the server name.
In Network COnnections, TCP/IP settings. Change the DNS to statically use your local DNS server address first.
and an external DNS address second...
Not the DNS pass through to your gateway address....

Hope this helps helped me.

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