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Frustrating computer issue

By MinoTaur3 ·
So I was given a computer with no harddrive or dvd/cd drives or a power supply. (but had motherboard,graphics,processor, ram, ect.

So i went out and purchased a new HDD (wd caviar blue 500gb) and a new dvd drive and a power supply

(in the military and I live in england, onbase doesn't have much of a selection)

So i installed the disk drive & hdd - nothing happens.

I checked to make sure the CD drive was good (unplug IDE cable and see if it powers up) works perfectly with just the power cord, so I connected it to both the primary and secondary IDE ports and they still dont work (i bought 2 new cables and tried them), i've tried the HDD and disk drive on the same cable with master/slave ect..

Nothing works, I think its both of the ports..

and another issue - both of the graphics card given to me (was sli set up) neither of them will show up on my monitor. They both turn on. but nothing shows up on my monitor, i've tried one graphics card in each slot, i even went out and bought a new graphics card - put them in both slots and my monitor still wont detect anything (ive had the monitor for 4 months and plug my laptop into it.. so its not the monitor

this is frustrating.

Thank you

(ive also tried resetting the mother board.. didnt help)

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Well such is free stuff...

by CG IT In reply to Frustrating computer issu ...

most likely you've been given a computer with a bad motherboard [or possibly processor].

ah well.........

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Sounds like the motherboard is stuffed -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Frustrating computer issu ...
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by MinoTaur3 In reply to Sounds like the motherboa ...

alright, I was dreading the motherboard answer, but no worries. We all know its an easy fix newegg here I come!

thanks for your help!

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you're welcome - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to poo :/

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