FRx Report Issue

By Charvell ·
We're running FRx SP10 on a Windows 2003 server. 2 of our reports started freezing on the last step of the run. We run approximately 20 reports every morning, and they are the same reports that have run for at least the last year. I can't figure out why they are freezing. I tried removing the old reports from the webportal (thinking maybe the repository.xml file got too big) and I compacted the Queue and Current Spec Set databases. I tried to compact the system database but it says someone else has it locked, although we verified no one else is connected and the report server is stopped. Anyone have any ideas?

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Look more closely at the server itself

by robo_dev In reply to FRx Report Issue

Specifically, if there is anything in the event logs, security logs, or application logs.

Make sure you are not running out of disk space on the server or if the server is running low on virtual memory.

When you say the reports are 'freezing', I assume you do not mean that they exit the printer at a low temperature :) .

Do you mean that the service for this application is crashing?

I am not sure what database FRx uses, but databases in general can get corrupted, so they need to be repaired sometimes, compacted sometimes, and restored from tape under extreme circumstances.

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More Info

by Charvell In reply to Look more closely at the ...

The application is not crashing. Not sure if you're familiar with FRx but when you run a report, it tells you what step you are on (1 of 12, 2 of 12) etc. It gets to 12 of 12 and instead of opening the drill down viewer so you can view the report, it just sits at 12 of 12 and never finishs the report.

We have 34GB available on the server, and the FRx SQl database is a total of 9.5GBs.

I tried changing the output from Publish to Web to Excel and that seems to have fixed it. Now I just have to figure out what is causing the hold up on the web publishing output.

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