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I have doubts in FSB and MHZ. (1024mhz=1ghz)plz explain about this topic regards shaif.

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by parvus1202 In reply to fsb?!

FSB is Front Side Bus, that is well known. The CPU interacts with your RAM, chipset or other components on the motherboard, the process is called FSB. The higher the speed (mgz) of FSB the faster the interacts. If you also mean the MGZ of the processor, that's another thing. The higher the processor speed, the faster the cycle of computation.

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by TheChas In reply to fsb?!

A side note:

Unlike hard drive size and memory Frequency is NOT calculated using binary math rules.

1 kilohertz equals 1000 hertz, not 1024.

1000 MHz equals 1 GHz.

1024 MHz equals 1.024 GHz.

Frequency is the inverse of the period of the waveform. There are physical and mathematical constants involved in the derivation and definition of frequency.

Now, the Front Side Bus speed is the rate data can be transfered between the CPU and the data bus (RAM and I/O).

The CPU always runs at a higher frequency than the FSB. To maximize system efficiency, the CPU speed should be at least 4 times the FSB speed.


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by mfd_patna In reply to fsb?!

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